Learning with Laura - Prairie Primer - Week 31

Monday, April 11, 2016

We wrapped up week 31 with Prairie Primer! It's been a nice change of pace to draw what we are learning from Little House for the remainder of the year. There really is such a wealth of learning in each of those chapters!

Apprently the pioneers ate many corn related items. This time we made corn griddle cakes for breakfast.

These were actually quite delicious!

This time we used maple syrup.

This was a simple little breakfast with bacon and fruit.

While I was at the National Frontier Trails museum I picked up this cookbook.

I knew we would be heading into Little House, so I thought it would be fun to try a few of these as we read the book.

One of our activities was to compare the nutrition facts of table sugar and molassess.

We watched this video on how molasses is made. Silas said he wished they spoke more clearly.

These griddle cakes made a nice snack the next day. We topped them with molasses instead this time.

We read chapters 5-8 this week. They built their new cabin, met neighbors, encountered wolves and many other kinds of animals.

Each week I have been scanning ahead to see what topics the chapters would cover. These are some of the books we read through that I picked up from the library.

One of our activities was to look up some of the different kinds of animals that the family came across on the prairie. This is a great BIG book to have on your shelf.

They saw hawks.

They watched moles pop up and down out of their holes.

Pa brought home a rabbit, and the family enjoyed rabbit and dumplings for dinner (and breakfast the next morning.)

They listened to the dickcissel birds.

Paw also shot a prairie hen. They prairie was full of game. Pa said that they had everything they could ever need there.

Pa found a family that had gotten sick with malaria. At the time they thought it was bad air, but of course we know now that it is mosquito borne.

We read about different herbs that were used in Pioneer remedies. Goldenrod was one of them that we read about in one of our essential oils books.

Aedan had the opportunity to take a stop motion class at the Nelson Atkins Museum. They happen to have a Rembrandt and Vermeer exhibit there, so I took it as a chance to do something fun with my other guy. Silas read through a few of these books, so he knew a little about the artists when we went.

We went with new friends. It was a gorgeous day. There is a beautiful lawn full of sculptures. My friend and I sat and chatted on the steps while the kids enjoyed the outdoors while we ate our lunch.

Cameras weren't allowed in the exhibit, but there was a photo opportunity at the end. It was neat going with our friend. She did a great job of engaging the kids and drawing them into the art. I learned a few new tricks for next time!

Here are some of the works that we got to see while we were there. It was so neat having some of the greats here in our own city.

We are still having so much fun with our science. This week we learned what makes boats float. We tried to see if a jar with a lid would float. It did of course!

Next we tried one without a lid. It sunk quickly. I love simple experiments like this. You have to learn these things for the first time.

Next we experimented with physical vs. chemical changes. Cutting paper is a physical change.

Burning paper changes the original atoms, so it is a chemical change.

Silas thought this was awesome until the fire got a little feisty!

The paper looked very different at the end.

Next we added Alka Seltzer to water.

We saw the gas rise to the top of the water which was a chemical change.

We blew bubbles which was a physical change.

This is the point at which I let my child ingest poison. I'm sure I have never bought Kool-Aid in my life. Apparently chemistry requires getting your panties out of a wad to have a little fun. I didn't know there was a whole aisle at the store for Kool-Aid. .

We mixed the Kool-Aid with water and sugar. We froze one and left one liquidThey tasted the same. While they looked different it was still just a physical change. That's all for this week. See you next time!


  1. The corn griddle cakes look delicious! And I guess I poison my kids daily, lol, because they drink KoolAid (and tons of water).

  2. I probably drank my weight in Kool-Aid as a kid. I survived :)

    1. Me, too! Ha, ha. When my kids were little, I would never have given it to them. But they get older, and it's easy!!

  3. ❤ This is great! I especially love his face when the fire got feisty. Haha

  4. The corn griddle cakes do look delicious. That bottle of Goldenrod is so perty! And reasonable, but OOS, boo. But, Dorado Azul is back - that's next on my list for our FA kit. Your table setting is so pretty! I want placemats but I'm afraid they would be in the wash and never on the table. I was planning to take a spring break before we start Prairie, but now I don't want to wait. :)

  5. They were good griddle cakes! Little House has been so fun. I'm so thankful to get the chance to read just one more before we start back in HOD next year.

    Goldenrod used to be an oil I thought was one of the worst smelling ones. It doesn't smell bad to me now. So weird how our noses change. I've had these placemats for 3 years. I probably should change them, but they have held up so well. I got them at Target :) I don't wash them nearly enough.

  6. Another inspiring post of learning! Those little corn griddle cakes look yummy. I'm sitting here with thoughts of hot tea and some sweet corn cakes now :)


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