Painting Supplies for HOD Creation to Christ

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Do you ever feel like you're ready for school, and then realize you still have a few things on your list? All of a sudden school is right around the corner. I can't believe it! I love to chip away at school planning throughout the year so it doesn't hit me upside the head in late summer. Even so, I realized in looking at my plans for next year that I still had a few art and science supplies to gather. I still had some paints left from last time, but many of them had dried up or been mostly used. I thought I'd share the supplies we got this time for any of the rest of you in this guide now or in the future.

This will be our second time around in HOD Creation to Christ. One of the things I especially love about this guide is the watercolor and poetry study. Each week we will paint a watercolor picture that is inspired by the poetry of Robert Frost. I love looking back and seeing those paintings that Aedan did when we did this guide. This year I hope to paint alongside Silas as I didn't have as much time to do that the first time around.

Here are most of the supplies we will need. You will also need a small dropper. I bet you have one in your science supplies like I did. There are a few others that you can easily find around the house like toothpicks, sponges, and paper towels that I won't include here.

Curricula 2016-2017 - 8th Grade - Aedan

Thursday, July 21, 2016

 I am finally getting around to putting up our Aedan's 8th grade plans for next year. There are a lot of books this year which made for an unintended workout session hauling them up and down the stairs - not that I couldn't use a little extra exercise! Our main program we will use is Heart of Dakota Missions to Modern Marvels. This will probably look like an overwhelming amount of books, but don't worry. We won't read all of these at once. Last year we took a break from HOD, but came back around halfway through the year. It just has always been a great fit for Aedan and for me. I have loved learning alongside him so much of what I never got to learn as a kid. I never loved history until I became a homeschooler. I have loved the biographical and living book approach to learning that we have been able to enjoy over the past 5 years together as a family. I am really looking forward to seeing how Aedan responds to our choices this coming year. I have a feeling that this will be our favorite guide yet!

 This is the teacher's guide for Missions to Modern Marvels (HOD MtMM.) I shared how I set up and organized this guide HERE.

Curricula 2016-2017 - 5th Grade - Silas

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

It's that time of year when it's time to start putting the final touches on our plans for next year. I'm so excited to be back in Heart of Dakota Creation to Christ, but this time I will get to enjoy it with Silas. He hasn't been in an HOD guide for 2 years, so I'm looking forward to him diving into all these wonderful books with him! We will be using HOD Creation to Christ with some changes, but we will keep much of it as is. There are inevitably things we will drop or add, but these are our choices as of right now. 

I did much of my planning back in the winter. Over the summer I like to get familiar with any new programs or to read independent books if I have the time. I'm fortunately very familiar with most of these books and programs because Aedan used them a few years back when he was in 5th grade. I can tell you it was lovely having most of this on the shelf already. This is the first year we get to start re-using a guide that I have done before. It was such a wonderful thing that we were only buying one program rather than two this year.

 Our main program is Heart of Dakota Creation to Christ. It includes Bible, History, Science, Geography, Storytime Read Alouds, Language Arts, Math and Art lessons. This guide starts at the creation of the world and ends at the time of Christ. Silas hasn't studied this period since way back in K when we used Story of the World Ancients. I look forward to learning alongside him about God's people and the ancient civilizations of the world. There are SO many wonderful things to discover in this guide. I have his notebook all set up which includes HOD's beautiful notebook pages.

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