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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Do you ever feel like you're ready for school, and then realize you still have a few things on your list? All of a sudden school is right around the corner. I can't believe it! I love to chip away at school planning throughout the year so it doesn't hit me upside the head in late summer. Even so, I realized in looking at my plans for next year that I still had a few art and science supplies to gather. I still had some paints left from last time, but many of them had dried up or been mostly used. I thought I'd share the supplies we got this time for any of the rest of you in this guide now or in the future.

This will be our second time around in HOD Creation to Christ. One of the things I especially love about this guide is the watercolor and poetry study. Each week we will paint a watercolor picture that is inspired by the poetry of Robert Frost. I love looking back and seeing those paintings that Aedan did when we did this guide. This year I hope to paint alongside Silas as I didn't have as much time to do that the first time around.

Here are most of the supplies we will need. You will also need a small dropper. I bet you have one in your science supplies like I did. There are a few others that you can easily find around the house like toothpicks, sponges, and paper towels that I won't include here.

Last time around I bought really great quality paint in individual tubes. That really added up! This year instead I purchased a set of paint. I love Staedtler pens, so I figure the paint must be decent enough. You especially want tube paint so you can mix it. I bought this set at Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon. You can always just pull the coupon up on your phone if you forgot to print it out.

 There is a list in the front of the guide that has the colors you will need. This set had almost all of them and then some. We had a few of the remaining colors we needed leftover from the time we did this guide before.

Natural hair brushes are best, but I found this really neat synthetic brush set at Target. I loved how it had so many different varieties.

I also bought a small set of natural hair brushes in case the others don't work out as well. We have a few nice quality brushes I bought individually throughout the years. We have more than enough. I also bought another deeper well artist's palette. Some of the watercolor instructions have us painting full backgrounds. It's nice having room for a little extra water when mixing.

We chose to get 11 x 15 sized watercolor paper. Some people use smaller paper. I like the larger paper as we will be adding copywork to each painting. If the paper is too small the copywork might cover more of the painting than I would like. It's all personal preference though. I've heard the case made that it's better to practice painting smaller. You could always do a little of both.

 While it would be nice to have an art board, foam board makes an inexpensive substitution.

 You can get it for a buck at the dollar store, or it was on sale at Michael's for a the same price when I went. They are usually 30 inches long. I cut it in half that way we have 2 boards.

I love taping down the paper to the board. It leaves a nice crisp border, and it helps the painting to dry flat. You can get painters' tape at the dollar store as well. Be careful though. It's slightly more sticky than the more expensive stuff (you get what you pay for I guess.) I usually will tape it to something and pull it off, and then tape the painting down to take away some of the tackiness. That way when you pull the tape off it doesn't rip off some of your painting with it.

 All of our art supplies were in several broken plastic shoe boxes. I found this great box at Michael's on sale for $7.

It has the perfect place for the paint and brushes.

There's also room underneath for more supplies.

I also made poetry cards for copywork. Last time we used index card that we cut out. I thought these might be a prettier option. You can find that file here.

That's about all you will need. Let me know if you think of anything I missed!

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