Week in Review - HOD CtC - Unit 1

Monday, August 22, 2016

Welcome to our very first week of school! This will be Silas's first year back to Heart of Dakota in 2 years. I never know how the year will go until we actually start. After making it through the first week I am so happy that we chose to go this route this year. Silas will be studying ancient history with HOD Creation to Christ. We haven't done ancients since way back in kindergarten, so a lot of this will be new to him. I especially love the focus on Biblical history in CtC. I always say that a kid doing this guide will likely be more Biblically literate than many adults.
One thing I especially love about this guide is the poetry and watercolor study. Each week we will study a Robert Frost poem and paint a painting that is inspired by that poem. I looked back to see Aedan's picture from the same week. It's neat to see how each kid interprets it in their own way. This week we studied the poem "A Late Walk."

This time I decided I would paint alongside him. I always wanted to do that with Aedan. It's such a fun project each week!
Another thing I am doing differently this time is that I made these poetry frames for the poetry copywork. Last time we used index cards. I thought these might be a prettier option. If you would like these you can find them HERE.

I thought he did a great job for his very first painting of the year. I especially thought his handwriting was lovely. It's a change for him to write everything in cursive this year. He's doing a great job with it so far.
As always I adore HOD's notebook pages. It's always so fun to see how each kid interprets the events and historical figures we study. Silas did a great job for his first written narration of the year. This year we are using IEW Fables. We made a quick outline like IEW instructs. It made writing this narration so much easier. Making an outline helped him to stay on topic and cover what happened.

If this isn't the cutest little earth I've ever seen....I always love my boy's timeline entries. This week we studied the creation of the world, Adam and Eve, and Noah's flood. Silas really enjoyed listening to the Diana Waring What in the World? CDs. He even stopped to listen to Aedan's for MtMM.

I made a schedule for The Victor Journey through the Bible book to go along with our bible reading each week. I love this kid's commentary. It really explains the context of scripture in a way they can understand.

The Great Flood - 2300 B.C. I recently read a historical fiction based on the life of Noah's wife. It was fascinating to consider some of the details that the Bible doesn't fill in.

Our storytime book is Dinosaurs of Eden. Silas is also reading the extensions this year and read Dinosaurs by Design this week.
This week we took it easy on literature. Since we skipped Preparing last year I wanted Silas to be able to read this Noah's Ark book. We will soon be taking a trip to the creation museum with friends to see the ark. It's the perfect time to see it since this is what we are studying this year!
Silas's history project was to make a generations flap book. It told all of the generations from Adam to Noah.
One of the tweaks I made to CtC's schedule was the science. Silas has studied animal science and botany more than once in recent years. He asked if he could learn astronomy this year. He is often content to learn whatever I plan, so when he does request something specific I try to accommodate it. A eager learner is always best! We are using HOD's Resurection to Reformation's science schedule rather than CtC's science this year. We will study astronomy and earth science instead.
The first experiment we did was to compare the size of the planets. We were supposed to make the planets out of balloons or draw them. Instead I found these free printables to use to compare the sizes.

First we compared them from smallest to largest, and then we put them in order that they are in our solar system.

I knew Silas would have to draw them on his experiment sheet anyway, so the printables were lovely.

Each week there is one notebook page, and  also a written narration. Silas is getting a lot of writing practice this year. I'm hoping to see him develop confidence in this area.
This of course isn't all of what we learn each week, but over the course of the year I hope to share how we use other individual curriculum choices as well. I'm looking forward to seeing what will come of next week!

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