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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Can I totally geek out with you for a minute? I mean, I might totally go full on office supply nerd up in here. You ok with that? Good. Sooo....I've always talked about how much we love clipboards for our little school. They are portable writing surfaces that can be taken just about anywhere. We use them for history, art, math, science, and pretty much everything you can print or rip out of a book. But, did you know there was such a thing as a storage clipboard? Apparently nurses and coaches have been clued in on this genius little invention a long time ago, but failed to share the wealth with teachers. Well, suffer no more my homeschool friends.

A friend of mine told me about these last year (Hi Micah!), but I was satisfied with our dollar store cheapies. The boys love to draw, so our school clipboards were always strewn around the house. We had plenty, so I didn't think this would be much of an improvement. However, these babies are amazing (that is if you get as excited about office supplies as I do.)

Why are these a big deal you ask? Well, since much of our school is notebook based, we have a lot of loose papers. We store all of our year's work in binders. Each week I take out all of the sheets for the week and clip them to clipboards essentially using them like work-boxes without taking up as much space. People, are you getting your nerd glasses on yet? I mean...all of our papers for the whole week fit inside of this one clipboard. Raise the roof!

Oh, and another thing. Seriously, this is a no-brainer, but I never did before I got these clipboards. Paper clips. Seriously. Simple, cheap and effective. Why-oh-why wasn't I paper clipping all our subjects before? Also, one little staple goes a long way on MUS (Math U See) worksheets as well. I staple one whole lesson of worksheets that way he can reference what he has done before, so that he can refresh his memory of how that lesson works. Holla!

I also got one in blue for Silas.

And here she is in action. I'm calling this a win for all homeschool moms everywhere. Amen.


  1. Ok a clarification question what is MUS worksheets? You said you staple them together so he can have a whole set of lesson worksheets he can reference to later on. Can you clarify to what that is and looks like? Thanks! I use the clip boards to from your recommendations and love how they help out work flow each week. Maybe will have to upgrade to the storage clip boards!

    1. Math U See is the math program my oldest uses. I tear them out of the workbook and staple them by lesson. There are about 6-7 pages per lesson. I should probably not use abbreviations here :) I loved using regular clipboards before, but this really does make using them even easier because everything is in one place.

  2. I have never wanted to spend the money on these, but you have won me over and I've added them to my cart. (Thank you for the links!) We work right in most of our books, but I pull a week of AAR out and put it all on a cheapie clip board. It would be awesome to store all that inside and just pull out the lesson for the day. It would be great to store all the charts in there too. Malachi (bless his heart) is not writing in his MUS workbook (saving it for Elli), otherwise I'd do that too!

    I do like paperclips and stapler too. I love it when you geek out over school supplies. *Ü*


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