Week in Review - HOD CtC - Unit 4

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Welcome to week 4 in Creation to Christ! Our weeks have been very full, but profitable. I'm so thankful we got to truly rest this summer because this fall has been full of opportunities. It's neat being able to do a guide the second time around. I can see what's ahead and remember what I thought I might do differently the second time around. This time I wanted to have more opportunities to experience the cultures of the places and people we are studying. That has always been Silas's favorite part of school. I see a future traveler growing up and setting off to different parts of the world someday.

Silas's best friend is also doing HOD CtC, so we hope to enjoy as many activities together as we can. This week we shared efforts on our history project which was to enjoy a Hebrew meal. My friend brought half of the items which made for the best ever afternoon snack. Homeschool kids don't know how good they have it sometimes! My friend brought delicious homemade hummus to go with our veggies. We also enjoyed olives, grapes, fresh pita bread, raisins, medjool dates, baklava, tea and grape juice.

We spread out a blanket, and the boys enjoyed their snacks. Aedan partook too, but I didn't torture him and make him wear a shepherd headband. Fortunately, I still had the ones we made from last time. I remember these being challenging to make. An elastic band would work as well.
My favorite Middle Eastern market was closed, but I discovered a new one that was even closer. I bought medjool dates, Turkish Delight, Baklava, pita bread, tea and the Turkish yogurt drink that we read about in A Child's Geography.

If you've followed my blog for a while you know that I love these simple cookbooks. I have been collecting them here and there since our world travels in MFW ECC. This year I bought a few to go with our Middle East geography study.

I made Turkish Delight for our Hebrew meal. These take a lot of patient stirring by the stove, but I thought they turned out great! We used rose water we found at the store. Next time I think I may try lemon.

We also made Lahmacun (meat pizzas) and M├╝cver (zucchini fritters.)
Silas helped me to make the dough and everything else. He's becoming quite the cook!
Silas was the one who found the mint yogurt drink at the store. He looks very optimistic on the left, and well...not so sure on the right. I tried it too and made the very same face!

This week we studied Robert Frost's poem "A Passing Glimpse." It is about a man on a train passing flowers that he only gets to enjoy for a short glimpse. The painting instructions said to paint weeds in the background. We ended up painting mountains this time.
I think Silas's was actually prettier than mine! It's been so fun for me to do these with him. I had always wished I had done them with Aedan. It doesn't take any extra time to do so, and I'm learning too.

This is Silas's poetry reading of the week. He is getting better!

I also bought this book to read with our poetry study this year. It doesn't have all the poems we will study this year, but it has many. The illustrations are beautiful, and give a better picture of what the poem is actually about.
In history we studied Jacob and Egypt during the life of Joseph.

Amosis drives Cushites out of Egypt - 1824 B.C.
Jacob's Ladder - 1759 B.C.
Joseph Sold into Slavery - Isn't that the saddest Joseph ever?
We traced Abraham's journeys, Eliezer's journey for Isaac, and Jacob's flight to Haran.
We also researched the Promised Land.
In science we studied volcanoes on Venus.

Our science experiment showed how molten lava turns into rock. We melted butter and let it slowly drip down the bowl like it was the side of a mountain. Streams of "lava" flowed into the flour.

After it cooled it changed into a solid just like lava would change into solid rock.

These are Silas's science notebook pages for astronomy.
He is doing great in IEW so far! Next week we will take a week off and hopefully do a fun activity that is based on fables.
Silas is enjoying his Lego robotics team!

This week I helped substitute for one of the coaches who was out of town. It was really neat to see how the team works through solving problems. Silas is working on building attachments and programming the robot to perform various tasks.

They also do team building activities. This week they had to be a human rope and learn how to tie a knot without letting go of their piece of rope. It is so interesting to see who rises as a leader, who gets frustrated, and who has all the ideas. This is one of the coolest parts about being on this Lego team. He is learning so much! That's all for this week. Tell me about yours :)

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