Week in Review - HOD CtC - Unit 5

Monday, September 19, 2016

Welcome to Ancient Egypt! This week we spent a lot of time learning about this long lost culture. We also read about Joseph and the part he played in Egypt., Hatsheput, and Thutmosis. Fair warning - there are a lot of pictures.

This week our poem was "One Step Backward Taken" by Robert Frost.

We painted various rocks to illustrate the poem.

This was Silas's poetry reading of the week.

I'm loving seeing how differently both boys interpret the same assignments.

Joseph Interprets Pharaoh's Dreams - 1715 B.C. - That's a skinny cow devouring a fat cow.

Silas copied the names of all of Jacob's children grouped by each of his wives.

Thutmosis the Conquerer

Silas's written narration was about Thutmosis. We have been making IEW outlines to help him know where to start. It helps a lot!

We started our new read aloud Boy of the Pyramids.

Our history project was to make Egyptian Palace Bread. It's basically white bread soaked in honey and baked at a low temperature.

I was tickled that many HOD moms thought this was a horrible waste and terribly gross. My kids are apparently weirdos because they liked it. Silas even wanted me to make it again. I think it was mostly that he saw we could have served it with ice cream, and I made fresh whipped cream. The whipped cream cut the sweetness because I added very little sweetener to it.

Hatsheput - His Majesty Herself - We read about this fascinating female pharaoh.

We read these awesome books to give a visual of what we were learning about. Temple Cat is about a cat that is terribly board being the sacred cat. He runs away and finds a new home where he can behave and eat like a proper cat. Silas loved this one (he's my cat lady.) I love the "You Wouldn't Want to Be" Series. We read. You Wouldn't Want to Be an Egyptian Mummy before we headed to the museum to see a real one. We also read Hatshepsut, His Majesty, Herself so he could learn a a little more about her.

The extensions in HOD CtC have an audio recording of The Cat of Bubastes. I remember Aedan not being totally into it when he did this guide. Heirloom Audio just released their own version HERE. Another HOD mom recommended this recording. It has been so great! We listen to it on the way to robotics. The actors are all very well known and fantastic!

Since Aedan has a class at our museum, I took this opportunity to visit the ancient Egyptian wing. It is one thing to read about a mummy. It's another to see the real thing!

We got to see the hieroglyphics up close.

This is the back of the mummy and a close up of the artwork.

This is how the inside looks.

This is the death mask of the mummy.

And here is the poor fellow who was unearthed. He was very tiny, but was a full grown man.

Here is Silas walking like an Egyptian.

This was an Egyptian boat model.

Sometimes I still marvel at how old some of these things really are!

Next week we will read about Tutankhamen. Akhenaten and his wife Nefertiti were the parents of Tutankhamen. This is a relief of the queen herself.

This is Horus the falcon god of the Egyptians.

We got to see real cuneiform just like the tablet we made a few weeks ago!

After reading The Golden Bull that is about a goldsmith's apprentice in the city of Ur, we were especially fascinated to see this jewelry that was unearthed from the cemeteries of this ancient city.

The museum also had an exhibit of Ancient Roman luxuries. We aren't yet studying Rome, but the exhibit was ending. We went ahead and visited and will keep these things in our memory for later. This was a display of what perfumes might have been used. I have 2 of these as essential oils that would have been just like what they would have used so long ago. Cinnamon is amazing for so many things, and I love the story of the woman pouring out spikenard on Jesus' feet.

Silas tried out a few ancient hairstyles.

Of course he had to make a silly face!

This has nothing to do with ancient anything, but I thought it was really neat. 

It is the whole Missouri River in silver. I was able to pin point right where we live.

We always stop at the museum cafe for their delicious treats. Poor Aedan had to miss out this time, but he enjoyed his stop motion class!

We finished The Penderwicks and started From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler.
It was the perfect time to start a book about children who run away to a museum.

We are still reading Genesis Finding Our Roots. This week Silas made a 6 Days of Creation chart.

Silas is loved reading about our Earth this week!

We read about the Earth's layers in The Planets.

Our science activity this week was supposed to be an edible layered earth. Instead we made a Play-doh Earth. When I asked Silas his favorite part of school this week, he said this was his favorite activity.

I used to have a subscription to Brain Pop. I decided to fire it up again while we are studying the planets. There are always topics. These are fun and short videos that are great to add to our learning. This one was perfect because it is exactly what we did. We made an Earth and then chopped it right in two.

This is Silas's Earth. We didn't squish the continents on well enough, but he still thought it was pretty cool.

We cut it open to reveal the different layers.

This is Silas's experiment sheet for the above activity.

He is doing a great job on written narrations after having not done many of them last year.

This week I helped with his Lego Robotics team. I was responsible for doing some team building activities. This was them trying to work as a team and build a castle out of pipe cleaners. They will be judged at the competition at the end of the season on how well they work together as a team when given a task. I'm looking forward to seeing how their hard work pays off at the end.

Thank you for sticking with me all the way through this post!

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