Week in Review - HOD CtC - Unit 7

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Welcome to week 7 in Creation to Christ! This is the first Heart of Dakota guide that I have done before. I wondered if I wouldn't be as interested the second time around, but I am enjoying it even more the second time. Learning Biblical history is the most important history we will ever have the privilege to learn. Each time we study these portions of scripture we add a new layer of understanding.

Every week I ask Silas what his favorite part of school is. He often will share that he loved the things he got to make. He is really enjoying our weekly paintings and history projects.

This week our poem was "Gathering Leaves" by Robert Frost. I love how the guides sometimes line up with the season. The leaves are just beginning to turn, and the air is turning cooler. I loved Silas's painting this week. That is the cutest little autumn tree ever!

We used circle sponge stamps for the leaves. His painting earned a place on our mantle of course!

Each week I have been having Silas do his poetry reading on camera. This week I gave him a pass, and he did the best job yet. He is trying really hard to learn how to do this well.

In history we the rebellion of the Israelites. Silas said out loud many times that the Israelites did made mistakes "aaaagain." I told him it's a good reminder to remember that we too often make mistakes and need God's daily guidance.

10 Commandments - 1491 B.C.

12 Spies enter Caanan - 40 Years of Wandering - 1490 B.C.

Silas's copywork was about the Tabernacle.

I am always so amazed when life lines up with what we are learning. We had an awesome opportunity to visit a life sized tabernacle replica. It was only in town for a week, but they were here the very week we learned about this! It was a really beautiful experience. We had audio where we got to walk through all the stations. It was hands on too, so we got to throw wood on the alter, wash our hands in the laver, give an offering, and take incense into the holy of holies. I didn't get to take pictures, but these are some from the website.

We took communion in the holy place of the tent. The lampstand was there and the table of show bread as well as the golden altar of incense.

They even talked about the ephod the priests would wear that we also even made this week. Walking into the holy of holies made me even more thankful that the veil was torn so long ago. I'm so thankful that we can approach Jesus without all of these steps.

Silas's written narration was about Baalam and his donkey.

Silas researched about the ephod and the breastplate that the priests wore.

This was his favorite activity of the week.

Each of the gemstones represent a tribe of Israel.

In our Genesis Bible study we studied the genealogy of Adam.

We read the description of the Garden of Eden, and Silas drew a map of what he thought it would look like.

In science we learned about Mars and its volcano Olympus Mons.

When you're a boy volcanos never, ever, ever get old.

I think we did this at least 10 times!


These are Silas's science notebook pages for the week.

We are moving along nicely in IEW Fables. This week we worked on the Story Sequence Chart, and will work on writing from this type of outline next week. That's all for now. See you soon!


  1. I can't help but yearn to make Heart of Dakota work for our family right now -- especially after seeing all this learning that I love so much. Love the beautiful tribes of Israel art. I agree about Bible history as it is my favorite time period to teach.

    1. My guess is that you will have an absolutely beautiful year no matter what you choose. You are always so intentional about bringing it all to life :)

  2. *gasp* LOVE this... looks so wonderful, engaging, and special... the real life tabernacle!?? Amazing! Where/.what was that all about? xo. Cass

    1. Aww thanks! The tabernacle was something a local church brought in. I am not sure if they tour or not. It was especially cool because we were reading about it already. Perfect timing :)

  3. Love the gemstones! So pretty! A real life tabernacle would really be something to see. So cool you got to experience that. And that watercolor! ♥ It is the cutest little autumn tree. So special. ♥

    1. Thank you! The tabernacle was definitely a highlight. It is so cool to continue to read through the Bible and to be able to reference the things we got to see and experience. It makes it so much more real. I can't even imagine how beautiful the real ark was.


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