Week in Review - HOD MtMM - Unit 9

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Well...We have officially made it through a whole quarter of the school year. We are going to be taking a break from hitting the books next week and enjoying some time off. After 9 whole weeks, I don't regret any of our choices this year. For that I am exceptionally thankful.

This week in history we read about The Boxer Rebellion, the Russo-Japanese War, the Balkan Wars, Jonathan and Rosalind Gofoth and how Russia and Britain were both trying to gain control of Persia.

Jonathan and Rosalind Goforth - Missionaries to China (1888-1930.) Aedan thinks it's interesting how someone's name often goes with their life's work or personality (i.e. William Wordsworth, the poet and Chinese Missionaries with a name like Goforth.)

The Goforths were missionaries to China during the Boxer Rebellion. Aedan studied the words of Jonathan Goforth in his Worthy Words study.

 We read about how Rosalind Goforth had a difficult time forgiving someone. Therefore, Aedan's history project this week was to write an apology letter to someone he might have offended. At first he came back downstairs and said, "Mom! I'm just not this deep." I said that I'm sure he could think of a time that he could have apologized to someone. He ended up writing a very nice letter to his little brother.

Russo-Japanese War (1904-1905 A.D.)

We learned about how Russia wanted a port city in Persia especially after losing the port in Japan that we read about last week.

He cut apart the map and then put the pieces back together again. These kinds of activities help us to see history and understand where on the map these events took place. 

We read about Admiral Togo earning a place of respect among other world leaders and took note of Russia's sphere of influence on the map.

 These are the Majles leaders in Persia.

The Balkan Wars (1012-1913 A.D.) 

We mapped all the key players in the Balkan Wars.

Aedan wrote about the Balkan Wars for his written narration.

Aedan is reading Silent in an Evil Time in the extensions. This isn't one of his favorite books of the year, but I explained it's important to get a first hand account of history in order to understand it. Our storytime book Angel on the Square is about a girl living in Russia during all of the events we studied about this week. So far the storytime books have all been excellent. They really bring the history to life.

Our president of the week was James K. Polk.

We started our new science book The Elements. I was just telling someone that one thing I really appreciate about HOD is that a book always ends, and a new one begins. There's never much time to get bored, and if a book isn't your favorite, there will be a new one soon. So far Aedan is enjoying this one. It's a nice break from the science kit experiments.

This week we played one of the games in the book called "Make Five."

We read about how elements make up minerals just like a recipe does a cake. We rolled the dice until we had ingredients enough to make a mineral. We stopped to read about each one that we got. Silas ended up winning!

Aedan is still enjoying his nature journal. Sometimes he goes outside, and sometimes he uses the models in the book. I like for him to do both as it's giving him some instruction on how to draw as well as appreciate nature. This week he studied how to make various kinds of brown shades. He went outside to look at trees and here are a few of those.


Part of nature study is to also appreciate poetry. I have been having Aedan copy some of his poetry in his journal. The pages are turning out beautifully!

We finished up a unit on poetry in Lightning Lit.

Aedan says he hates to write poetry, but this one was great even if it was all about how he doesn't like to write poetry! Somehow he proved himself wrong.

We took a break from IEW this week to do some fun writing prompts. I forgot to take pictures, but the boys did had a great time writing just for fun. And now for our very well deserved break...


  1. Yay for completing a full quarter of school!! Your posts show a love of learning and so inspiring to me to keep going :) Enjoy your break week :)

    1. Thank you! We did enjoy our break. I still have to write a post about that :)

  2. So enjoying your updates! :) We are a guide behind y'all, so it really helps to see how things are going with others. So, after 9 weeks in are you enjoying the science scheduled in MTMM? Are you liking it better than the Apologia General Science that you studied this past year? I am still debating on whether to do the scheduled science in HOD or do the Apologia series. I just cannot decide what to do. ;-)


    1. We are enjoying the science this year. I always especially appreciate the biographies of the scientists. We did also enjoy Apologia General. These two approaches are just different. The reason we ended up using general is that we were failing to get EE done in Rev to Rev. I will likely take a slightly different path with my youngest son. Are you comparing the choices between General vs. MtMM science?

  3. Yes, I am debating whether to use MTMM science vs. Apologia General for 8th grade. Neither one of my kiddos are science lovers, well except for the study of animals. ;-). It's really hard to compare them. They are totally different sciences. We have either done HOD or Apologia Elementary science the whole way. They have enjoyed the Apologia Elementary, but the middle school levels are not that similar. I do love that the HOD is all planned out, but we like the colorful books in Apologia. :)

    1. General is quite a bit different than the elementary series. I would say it's not as conversational. My son still enjoyed reading it. The journal is quite cumbersome, so if I do choose to use it again I won't require as much. It's still a great course. I will definitely spring for the science kit next time. If we use it again it will replace Rev to Rev science. I'm looking at the possibility of using Master Books Engineering course for 8th. My oldest hasn't yet done a year of chemistry yet, so I wanted to use MtMM science with him. My youngest did cover chemistry last year at least once, so I'm not sure we will use MtMM science for him. I do look forward to going through the whole course before deciding whether or not to use it again. We did make one tweak. We will use The Mystery of the Periodic Table instead of Atoms in the Family. Other than that we will use it as is. You can't go wrong either way. Both are great in their own ways :)

  4. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on the science! I really appreciate your helpfulness! Have a blessed day! :)

  5. Forgot to ask.....looking ahead, are you planning on doing the HOD science plans during high school or do you think you will use Apologia, or something else. ;-)

    1. I haven't decided that far ahead yet, but I will likely sub out a few of the science choices. Each boy will likely take a different course.

    2. That's what we will probably do too. Thanks!

      Blessings! :)


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