That Week With All the Birthdays

Friday, October 7, 2016

One of the reasons I originally started this blog was so that I had a memory keeper. I had no idea anyone would actually read it. Sometimes I love to look back to see how much my boys have grown since I started this little blog 6 years ago. I just might want to post a little bit of what it was like around here during the celebrations of our lives, so please humor me (smile.) Both boys and I all share birthdays within the span of 10 days, so it's usually a birthday extravaganza for that week and a half. We tend to eat a little too much, and hopefully have as much fun. Here is a glimpse into how we celebrated this year.

We usually have a birthday party where I have fun decorating. We never invite a ton of people, but it's always more relaxing that way.

The boys are really into the BBC show Doctor Who, so that was our theme this year.

A lot of these references would make absolutely no sense if you had never watched the show, but this was all about my boys.

This isn't really fish by the way :) It's lady fingers and pudding.

There are many different characters that the Doctor encounters on the show.

This is Lady Cassandra who, trust me, you would rather not meet.

Every year we have a pin a "something" on the something. This year we pinned Lady Cassandra's face on her "body."

One of the boys asked his mom on the way, "Do you think the party will be like last year?" She thought he was asking if all the same people would be there. He meant he was hoping there would still be a fun gift for him. Of course there was!

This is my handsome 14 year old. Every year we usually make a special breakfast and dinner. This year we went out for breakfast to one of Aedan's favorite places for chocolate chip and peanut butter pancakes. His requested dinner was hoison beef stir fry and snap peas.

Of course there was a cake just for him on his special day.

One set of grandparents took them out to Mexican Food, and the other set took them out for burgers and shakes. See what I mean? Our family might like to eat more than celebrate!

Silas requested coconut fried chicken and honeyed strawberries for his birthday meal.

Every year he also requests a chocolate chip cookie cake.

Make a wish!

I had a great birthday too! My husband made me breakfast in bed, and we went to one of my favorite Indian restaurants. Friends stopped by throughout the day with thoughtful gifts. My boys always make me handmade cards, and each of them bought me candy. Silas also bought me a travel coffee mug, and Aedan bought me a pretty mug for at home with their very own money. Another sweet friend came with coffee in hand. Another with a beautiful scarf. 2 little boys even came with a beautiful painting and special gifts that they picked for me without their mom's prompting. I also got more fabulous food and coffee gifts. Are you seeing a theme here? They know about my little addiction. All in all it was a lovely birthday week for all of us <3


  1. Happy Birthday to you three! Looks like a fun week. My family likes to celebrate with food, too. We have never seen Doctor Who, so I don't understand some of the fun decorations and games, but you did a great job!

  2. Happy, Happy Birthddays! Ours are pretty much spread out over the year. I think having them near each other would be nice :)

    Love your fun parties!

    1. Thank you! Spread out is easier on the waistline. Trust me!

  3. What a fun week - love all the smiles. Happy belated birthday!! ♥

    1. It was super fun! I need to eat a thousand salads to make up for it!


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