The Feast of Trumpets

Monday, October 3, 2016

Happy Feast of Trumpets! This year we decided to learn more about the Biblical feasts. It's been even more fun because several family friends are also studying the same period of history and were also interested in celebrating the feasts with us. This week was a very contemplative one for me. I really tried to take to heart all of what this feast is about. There is so much depth in it that it would take me years to understand all of its mysteries. Forgive me if I don't get all of our representations right for this feast. We are still learning (blush.) Either way, we enjoyed a beautiful day with friends and ultimately we pray God was honored in our celebration.

I set the table with apples and branches clipped from our little forest.

I also got a real shofar!

Of course I wanted to celebrate the coming new year with by sharing a meal with friends.

It is a Jewish tradition to dip apples in honey to symbolize a sweet new year.

I also made Hallah which has 7 ingredients. Hallah is shaped like a crown in this way rather than being braided as it normally is to represent that the "head of the year."

I didn't get a pretty picture of our main dish because it got gobbled up. All of it! I wanted to cook something traditional, and this sounded like the ticket. This recipe is called Grandma Ethel's Brisket with Tizemmes. I notoriously do not cook large pieces of meat well, so this was a risk for me. I trusted Grandma Ethel, because with a recipe name like that it is sure to go well. It was tender, moist and like I said was completely consumed. You can take this recipe to the bank. It was also super easy because you prepared it the same day and heated it up the next day. It made for a very relaxing day of preparation.

I also made honey cake with spiced whipped cream.

I love that my husband is so willing to take part in helping with things like this. He is such a fantastic teacher. I asked him to teach the kids a short lesson on what the feast was about, and he did so much more than I ever cold have.

He even had props to keep their attention. He covered this box because a lot about this special feast is a mystery.

In Old Testament days, no one really knew this special day had begun until at least two witnesses spied the tiny sliver of the new moon. This was his moon prop :)

God's people, the Jews, didn't know when they were given this day that it was really a sign to them pointing to Jesus Christ. And to those who still don't know that Jesus is the Messiah (or the Christ) the Old Testament scriptures are still read in darkness. It's like viewing the world with noise blocking headphones and dark sunglasses.

We might celebrate this feast in one way, knowing it is really about Jesus. But, many Jews around the world still celebrate the old way because no one has told them yet that Jesus was the Messiah they were looking for. That is why we must be willing to share Jesus, because without the knowledge of him, the Old Testament scriptures can not be fully understood, and the truth that can save people remains hidden.

Today would have been known to the Israelites as Yom Teruah which means the Day of Blowing. On this day God would be celebrated with the blowing of a special horn called the shofar. This is a ram's horn just like the ram that would have taken Isaac's place on that altar so many years ago. The horn is bent almost as if someone would bend down to pray. It is a symbol of humility because this is a day first of all to be humble to God and rest in his goodness. It is also a day to search ourselves. The horn blast would awaken the spirits of God's people. It would have signaled the end of something old and the beginning of something new.

Trumpets were often used as a call to battle.

Trumpets are also used to announce the coming of kings. On Yom Teruah the priests would blow the shofar 99 times, and then the last blowing, which was called the Last Trumpet, was one long blast. The New Testament tells us when the last trumpet is blown in the year when Jesus Christ will appear again, the dead will rise, and Christians who are still alive we will be caught up in the air with him.

So, today is a day to search ourselves and to say goodby to the sins of the past year. It is a time to say hello to a new beginning in God, but it's also a day to look forward to meeting Jesus face to face.

We also did the ceremony of tashlikh. We each took crumbs in our hands representing the sins of the past year. Since we had no stream to throw them into, we all threw them into a pitcher of water, and Nate cast them out on to the ground. Afterward, he asked everyone if they could find even one of those crumbs again. All of us said no. It was so sweet seeing the realization of that dawning on the kids. And so it is with our sins, too. God's forgiveness is complete and his love is unending towards us. What a beautiful reminder of that love. Go in peace and forgiveness this coming year. Amen <3


  1. LOVE THIS! :) So awesome to see other Mamas embracing the feasts. I will for sure share this! :) I just posted about Feast of Trumpets here:

    1. I am totally inspired by all of this :) I loved all your ideas. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Wow. What a wonderful meaning for the Feast of Trumpets. I have wanted to celebrate the feasts with my family, but never knew where to start. This post makes me want to do it even more!

    1. We found a few really great books because I didn't know where to start either. On our curriculum post for 2016-2017 for 5th grade I shared a few of those.

  3. Lovely and "BEAUTY FULL"! I remember our first times celebrating and observing. They are now part of my heart and I cherish each Feast.

    1. Thank you! It was a beautiful day. Our hearts were more open after learning about all of it :)

  4. This is really a lovely and beautiful remembrance of the Feast of Trumpets. It's so neat to see how God is showing you the meaning of His Feast days! ♥ I pray it will be a blessing to you. ♥

    1. Thanks friend! It was a really special day for us :)


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