Week in Review - HOD CtC - Unit 12

Sunday, November 20, 2016

We are nearing the end of robotics season, so we have had a little more work to do in that area over the past few weeks. Silas has learned so much working in a team environment. At first we wasn't as excited about having fewer free days. However, as he grew in relationship with the kids, he gained not only knowledge but friendship too. I am looking forward to slower afternoons and time to linger a little longer on the fun stuff. Silas is looking forward to that too.

Our poem this week was "Going for Water" by Robert Frost.

I especially loved this picture with its silver trimmed trees and moon.

Since we haven't had as many afternoons for tea time I decided to make a special treat that we could enjoy at night as a family. It was fun having my husband take part. I baked Kulich wish is a Russian Easter Bread. Quite delicious! I also bought a book of Russian poetry since we were learning about it in Aedan's studies, but we still read other favorites along with a few Robert Frost poems as well.

In history we learned about Solomon and the Divided Kingdom of Israel.

Solomon marries Pharaoh's Daughter - 1014 B.C.

Silas's copywork was about Solomon.

Temple Completed - 1004 B.C.

Judah/Israel Divided Kingdom - 975 B.C.

This week our history activity was to demonstrate the division of the 12 tribes of Israel. The prophet Ahijah tore his cloak to represent the 12 tribes being divided, 10 to Israel and 2 to Judah.

Pharaoh Shishak Invades Judah - 971 B.C.

Silas's written narration was about Asa.

Silas is nearing the end of Apologia Astronomy. He has really enjoyed reading this book along with many others we have brought home from the library as well.

Silas has gained in confidence in writing narrations.

Our science activity was to make an astronomer to measure the brightness of the stars. That's all for this week!


  1. Sigh. I need to find a curriculum that schedules in nature journaling and watercoloring and poetry. Love that you made a Kulich - so fun.

    1. I bet you could get the Poetry For Young People series books and come up with your own projects just like this :) The Kulich was really good! I need to try to make it again!


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