Week in Review - HOD CtC - Unit 13

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

We made it through robotics season this week! Silas was a part of First Lego League's Animal Allies this season. His meetings started in August and ended this past week. Phew! They met twice a week for the last several months, and he really worked so hard. I'm so incredibly proud of him. We struggled with whether or not the commitment would be worth it. There were days I wasn't sure when I saw him sacked out on the couch. He told me he didn't think he would want to do it again next year until he had to say goodbye at the end. I think he made real friendships that he truly enjoyed, and even though it was a commitment he felt it was worth it in the end.

There were 6 kids on his team, 3 of which were first time robotics members. This was Silas's first year. They didn't qualify for the next competition, but they got a lot of really great feedback. They got especially high marks on their project. I was surprised that Silas said he would like to do it again. He said he knows they would be even better next time. I suppose we will see what he ultimately decides next year. It's such a great organization to teach teamwork, leadership and presentation skills. Overall, it's an excellent program!

Somehow we managed to fit in some school work this week. Next week we will be taking a very light week to enjoy an old FIAR favorite and to learn about Thanksgiving. It will be a nice break from all our driving all over the world this fall.

Silas's team decided to do their project on how water conservation can help the coral reef. They did a sketch where each of them was an coral reef creature. He decided to be a sea polyp (with lots and lots of glitter.) He was so nervous about presenting in front of the judges, but he said it really wasn't as bad as he expected it to be. I'm so thankful for the coaches who committed so many hours to be a part of this year's team!

This week we learned about Israel during the time of the lives of the prophets Elijah and Elisha.

Samaria Becomes Israel's Capital - 924 B.C.

As we read along in our history studies we noted important sites.

Our history project was to make a colored dough map that represented Israel, Judah, and the surrounding areas.

Elijah at Mt. Carmel - 906 B.C.

Silas's copywork this week was about Elijah at Mt. Carmel.

He wrote about Elijah going up in a whirlwind for his written narration.

God Fights for Jehoshaphat and Judah - 897 B.C.

We are reading God King for storytime. These stories really help paint a fuller picture of what was happening during this period.

Silas's favorite time during the day is when he can grab a few books to read and grab his kitty and snuggle with her. This is one of the extension books. I told him if it's too difficult to understand he doesn't have to read it. He said it's challenging, but he would like to try finishing it. So far so good!

This year I wasn't sure if I would do the Genesis Bible study book by Beechick again. Somehow this book the second time around with this kid are working out. This week we did the genealogy from Adam to the sons of Noah.

Our poem this week was "Range Finding" by Robert Frost. We started running out of watercolor paper, but when I get more I want to start painting with him again.

This was the final week of our astronomy book. I love that with HOD that when a good book end another begins. I think he will enjoy the rest of the books to come!

Our science activity was to do a gravity experiment. He tried to land a stuffed cat in the target first by throwing it and then adjusting the force of gravity. We love slo-mo! It makes everything look way more fun (in our opinion!)

This was his science experiment page for the above activity.

This week Silas finished Wonder. I pulled out a few of my Brave Writer Arrow Guides. There are so many great discussion points to this book. Next week we will do a Faltering Ownership writing assignment that will be a book review for this book. I'll share more about that next week. Until then!


  1. Congrats on finishing Robotics ~ I hope the rest of your fall is slow and wonderful and you recover for next year. :)
    I can see why you would miss HOD - their notebooking pages are really well done and your boys do such a good job on them. Looking forward to your book review!

    1. Yay! I am so thankful to have a few extra days off. Just today a friend came over, and we didn't have any rushing around. It was so worth it, but I'm definitely looking forward to more slow around here. I love the HOD pages! They are so fun to look back on as a tangible piece of what we learned all these years.


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