Week in Review - HOD CtC - Unit 11

Monday, November 7, 2016

I didn't get as many pictures of our school work this week because we were having a ton of fun cooking (which I will share in another post.) Some weeks we have tons of activities and others are more quiet. I like it that way. I couldn't sustain week after week of super full school days anyway. Silas is nearing the end of his robotics season, and he is looking forward to more time with his buddies. I am too! I'm excited to see his competition and hope he does really well and is glad that he did it even though it was quite a commitment.

This week we played an ancient Phoenician board game. I love that we have a few of these projects left over from when Aedan did CtC. We got to enjoy the game without the fuss of having to make it. We left the game out and played a few times. It's a fun one!

In history we read about the reign of King David and his triumphs and also his mistakes.

David is King of Judah and Israel - 1048 B.C.

We read about David and Bathsheba and how Nathan confronted him on his haven taken her from his faithful servant Uriah.

Silas has been reading some of the extension books. His book is about Uriah the Hittite. He was sad to realize that the man he was reading about would ultimately lose his life.

Absalom Rebels - 1023 B.C.

Revolt against the Philistines - 1018 B.C.

Silas wrote about the ancient city of Tyre for his narration. The Red Traveler is still appearing in all of his notebook pages!

We finished Jashub's Journal. I personally really enjoy this book although I have read that not everyone loves it. I think it's a great picture of how Old Testament law played out in the lives of people during this time.

Our history painting this week was fun. It went with the poem Fragmentary Blue that we read this week. We had fun experimenting with different ways to add blue to the paper. It eventually all just blended together, but the fun was in the experimenting.

Silas is loving free writing. We are taking a break from IEW for a while to just have a little fun.

I knew this was a good idea when he asked if he would "get" to write today. We may develop some of these ideas later, but for now it's just for fun.

In science we learned how astronomers determine the shape of asteroids by shining a flashlight on them and turning them around so we could see them many different facets.

We read about Pluto and the Kuiper Belt as well. I'm glad we went ahead and subbed in Astronomy this year. Silas is really enjoying reading about the planets and has been reading additional books just for fun about planets. I love that!

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