Week in Review - HOD MtMM - Unit 12

Sunday, November 20, 2016

We are entering the final days of fall. The leaves are mostly blown away, and we have dug out our winter coats. We fortunately had a mild warm autumn with plenty of days to enjoy the changing colors of the season. I love the slowing of autumn and winter. There are fewer sunny days to feel guilty for wasting, and sometimes our souls just need to take a breather. I'm ready for these slower days with fewer places to go and more time to just enjoy each other.

There were still a few leaves floating around outside for a leaf study for Aedan's nature journal.

When I first saw these I thought he might have used the book for the model, but you can see the leaves up top that he used. I have loved seeing what he makes of this year's art study! He is supposed to journal what he thinks outside, but I've let him copy the week's poetry instead. We are enjoying lots of other free writing these past few weeks anyway.

We have a great big book of natural science that Aedan used as a model for this mushroom.

In history we learned about the final days of WWI and George Washington Carver.

I have been wanting to go to the National World War I Memorial we have here in our city for years. I decided to wait until we actually studied it. It was absolutely fantastic! There were tanks, every sort of weapon you can imagine, trench replicas, audio experiences, uniforms of all kinds. I won't take the time to describe each picture, but if you have studied WWI at all you will recognize much of it. Words can't really describe all we saw. You really just have to go if you are ever here.

Warning - Lots of pictures to follow!

WWI - Peace Treaty of Versailles - June 28, 1919 A.D.

We have been reading War Horse for our storytime book. Ok, serious tear jerker! I love how the storytime books have us all over the world for the same event to see how different cultures experienced the same thing in their own way.

I got this book because I knew we would be studying both wars this year. There is a ton of great information in here and pictures to go along with it all.

Aedan is also reading the extension book Hattie Big Sky.

Here is our day at the WWI Memorial:

At the end we went up the tower to get the best view I've ever seen of our city.

I can't believe we waited so long to visit! Incredible!

Gandhi Resists British Rule in India - 1915-1947 A.D.

This week we read about Gandhi and his civil disobedience of getting salt from the sea rather than buying taxed salt. This was his non-violent protest of British rule. Aedan lined his painting with glue.

Then he sprinkled salt over it.

He painted the salt with watercolor paint.

The Roaring Twenties - 1920-1929 A.D.

We also read about the Roaring Twenties and the time of American prosperity after the war. That's Warren Harding and George Washington Carver. See you next week!


  1. Luke stayed in a hotel right by the WWI memorial and really wanted to go see it. Looks awesome! So neat that you have so many opportunities near by. :)

    1. It was SO awesome! Every part of the country has its own history. This part of the country does seem to have a mix of old and new that always seems to go along with what we have studied. Wouldn't it be fun to live in Europe? Imagine all those field trips!


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