Week in Review - HOD MtMM - Unit 13

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

We ended our study of WWI a few weeks ago. It's always nice to leave the heartache of war for a time and learn about the good things that were happening after it ended. This week we learned about the advances of agriculture, transportation and communication in the period of peace that followed.

One of Aedan's history projects was to make a paper airplane. Silas and I made one too! There was a website address in the guide that led you to a site that let you design your own airplane. Aedan's is the red one, Silas the clouds, and mine is the floral one.

Spanish  Flu Epidemic - 1918 A.D.

George Washington Carver - 1861-1943 A.D.

Aedan notebooked some of the events of Carver's life.

Another history project was to make peanut butter. I love these kinds of activities, and so do my kids!

We ground up the peanuts with salt and honey adding a little oil.

It probably could have used some more oil, but it was still good. This will end up in our smoothies I'm sure.

Amelia Earhart - 1897-1937 A.D.

Aedan never erases when he draws, that is unless he has to draw a realistic human face. He really didn't like drawing Amelia Earhart!

Here we are trying out our paper airplanes. I love when Silas joins us!

Aedan took mine for a spin. It ended up being the one that flew the farthest.

We mapped Charles Lindbergh and Amelia Earhart's flights.

He also drew the Red Baron's plane. We saw pictures of the Red Baron at the WWI museum we visited last week. He accidentally drew the Red Baron where he was supposed to draw Amelia Earhart. Woops! Instead of writing about her on this page I had him do copywork out of Draw and Write Through History.

Aedan wrote more about what was happening in the 20's for his written narration.

We read about women gaining the right to vote and how that led to them having more rights and working outside the home.

Aedan started reading this book for the extensions. I read it over the summer. Eric Liddell was an incredible man!

He is continuing to learn more about our presidents.

For nature journaling he was supposed to draw an onion. We didn't have one for some reason, but we did have garlic and a shallot!

He also had to draw a border. This is the one he chose to draw.

We have been really enjoying Lightning Lit, but I decided to let him do a Brave Writer Boomerang guide for The Giver. He is really enjoying this book so far. It has brought up a lot of interesting discussion.

Now this is something I thought I'd never say: We are taking a break from Rod & Staff Grammar. This breaks my little nerd heart for the record. I don't think there is anything in the world more solid than R&S, but the boys both hit sort of a wall. I decided to try IEW Fix It for a while to see how it goes. It's fun that we get to do it together. R&S has laid a really great foundation. Fix It gives a different kind of practice. We will see how it goes!

We are nearing the end of Ellen McHenry's The Elements. We have enjoyed the activities and games. This week we did a few simple experiments to demonstrate what we read about this week.
 We will be skipping Atoms in the Family which is the book that comes next, but we will continue with the science experiments that are scheduled. See you next time!


  1. Love the peanut head for George Washington Carver - your boys are so funny. :) You are doing a good job having Aedan fill the pages of his nature journal, too.

    Our general activity for our next PP unit is to learn about the Presidents... is your notebooking part of HOD?

    1. Aedan totally tickles my funny bone with those pictures :) I love the nature journal assignments. I'm always so impressed with what he can do. I couldn't possibly draw that nicely. The notebook pages for the presidents are part of the HOD MtMM set. You can find them here: http://www.heartofdakota.com/missions-to-modern-marvels-descriptions.php#presidents-notebook


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