Week in Review - HOD MtMM - Unit 11

Monday, November 7, 2016

I never loved history growing up. It wasn't until I took art appreciation and literature that I started seeing what I was missing. I loved reading about and seeing history from the perspective of those who actually lived it through poetry, fiction of the time period, and through art. History had always been so cold and dry. It was presented by, more often than not, history teachers that I either didn't like or were far too opinionated for their own good. I didn't really start loving history until I had the opportunity to homeschool my boys. I'm especially loving as we are finally rounding the end of a full history cycle and seeing how it all comes to where we are today.

This week we began our study of WWI. We also read about the Russian Revolution and the division of Ireland. So much was happening in the world at that time.

World War I - 1914-1918 A.D.

Aedan drew a WWI soldier last week. He finished coloring it this week. I love these creative elements for Aedan especially. I know these kinds of activities wouldn't be fun for a different kind of kid. It's one of the things that makes school fun though for my very artistic boy.

We read about Germany's use of U-boats during WWI. After the sinking of the Lusitania Woodrow Wilson called the U.S. to enter the war.

We mapped the various countries and powers of WWI.

Aedan read Woodrow Wilson's speech that launched the U.S. into the war.

Russian Revolution - 1917 A.D.

We read about Nicholas II resigning and how ultimately Lenin gained control.

We mapped the Russian Empire in 1914.

For the past few weeks we have been reading Angel on the Square. It is about a girl who lives with the Romanov family during the war. I love the opportunity to read aloud with my big kid. Sometimes when our afternoons are short we move a day to Friday. I grab coffee and he listens. It's one of the few times we just get time together us two.

Aedan ran to me the other day and said, "Now I know how they look!" He found this page in one of his books on his shelf. I love to know that sometimes the boys make connections when they don't even have to and how they are so happy to share them with me.

The Division of Ireland - 1922 A.D.

I woke up and came downstairs on Thursday to find that Aedan had already read his history and done this narration! He is growing up and taking responsibility for his time. I love seeing that.

We read about Ireland fighting to be independent of English Rule

Aedan learned about Presidents Fillmore and Pierce.

Aedan finished up A Day of Pleasure. This book fits in perfectly with the time. There is even a chapter called "The Shot in Sarejevo" which is exactly what we read about this week in history. This is an autobiography of a Jewish boy living in war torn Europe during WWI. It's fascinating! I can't say that Aedan is loving it as much as I did this summer, but ya can't win em all.

He is reading Hattie Big Sky for the extensions. He says this book is way easier to read than Silent in an Evil Time was the past few weeks. I love how these stories give even a wider picture of what was happening in different parts of the world during the period we are studying.

We are continuing to do Jump In Writing Plunges and Brave Writer Free Writes. The boys are having so much (dare I say) fun!

This nature journal is turning into such a beautiful keepsake. I can't say mine would be half as beautiful as Aedan's, but I will treasure his.

He is doing such a great job of doing his best each week.

Aedan started reading a new book along with his Bible study. It's been interesting to see how he has been challenged by each book.

This week our science activity was to play The Periodic Table Game. My husband had to help me decipher the instructions, but we eventually figured it out! We all four played it one evening and had a great time. Ok, and now I'm caught up! I hope you all had a great week too! What was your favorite part of your week?

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