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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

My mom collected cookbooks. From a very young age I remember her cooking away in the kitchen. Now that she's retired she is often found on the doorstep of friends, sharing food from recipes she has refined over the years. She is a very complimentary guest as well. She has always gathered recipes from her friends and family. Her own personal collection of recipes will be a legacy that I will treasure. I guess the apple didn't fall too far from the tree, because I too grew up to love being in the kitchen. One of the things I can look back and say was that my mom always let me make a mess. The moms who raise creative kids must allow spills, and counters floured to high heaven. There has to be room for mistakes and messes or there's really no way to grow in learning a skill.

My boys also cherish having a mom who loves to cook. Silas, my youngest, has taken an interest lately in learning how to make his way around a kitchen without my help. As a homeschool mom any time I see my kids take interest, I want to do whatever I can to nurture that growth. I have had my eyes on Raddish Cooking Kits for a while now. I haven't done many reviews here on the blog because I have always wanted to write about the things we use and love without bias, but I decided to write to them to see if they would be willing to send us a box to review. They kindly sent one for us to try. I wasn't sure if the concept would appeal to boys as much as to girls. As soon as the box arrived, however, my son leaped into action!

This was such a fun box to receive in the mail!

Here's what comes in the kit:
  •  “Bonus Bites” Activities (see a sample) including grocery store scavenger hunts, recipes, videos, musical playlists, and dietary substitutions. I love all these extras, and especially that they include substitutions.
  •  Digital Lesson Plans for Homeschool Parents! (see a sample) This was a great bonus for me! One of these kits can be stretched for quite a while using this supplementary material.

How it works:
You can choose to order a one time single kit. You can also choose to Join Raddish with a monthly box, or a semi-annual or annual subscription. My plan is to order a semi-annual box which includes a free apron. As you will see in our post, there was so much fun to be had. We will definitely be adding this to our weekly fun and learning here at Monarch Room. I will most certainly order the Create-A-Cookbook to store all of our recipes.

I love that each box has a theme. This month our theme was The Flavors of Fall. Each month there is a playlist for music to listen to while you prepare your meals and also additional activities you can print out. Next month we will get to try the Thanksgiving Traditions box!  I had already planned to take a shorter Thanksgiving week and center our learning around the holiday. It will be even more fun to add in some cooking fun to the mix. I can't wait!

These were the recipes that were included in our box. I love how durable these recipe cards are. They are definitely made to last. We had things dribble on them, and whatever messes were easily wiped off. I also love the bright and cheery illustrations!

This list maker (moi) was so pleased to see how each recipe had a shopping list that was broken up individually. It made it so easy to shop for all of the items we needed. We had many of these things already in our pantry, so there wasn't as much to buy.

The semi-yearly and yearly subscriptions come with a child sized apron. Each box comes with a related iron-on patch that you can add to the apron each month. My son loved that!

When the box first came I told him we would have to wait. He begged me to let him take a peek. He was so excited to have his own apron.

I love that each box also comes with a kid-friendly cooking tool. I love these compact measuring cups. They will save a lot of space in our drawer.

They pop open when you are ready to use them.

One thing I especially love as a homeschool mom is that these boxes are packed full of wonderful learning to be had.

Each recipe card has a Featured Culinary Skill. One of them was a Fall Spice Guide. We learned about the most commonly used fall spices. I had all the ones the card mentioned, so I took them out so Silas could experience them all.

We learned how some spices come whole or ground into a fine powder.

We smelled both ground cinnamon...

...and cinnamon sticks. Silas said he wanted to take a bite out of the cinnamon stick. I told him he would be sorry!

After smelling all the different spices I blindfolded Silas to see if he could identify each one again.

Vanilla was his very favorite. When I asked him what his favorite part of the box was, this activity was one of the first things he mentioned.

Ahhh....fall. Who doesn't love the warm scents of this season. Another of our activities was to make a fall scented simmer pot. I often already do this with lemons and essential oils. Instead we followed the directions on the card, and oh my. This was absolutely heavenly!

This is such a simple way to add a natural scent to your home that isn't toxic.

Silas cut the oranges and added all the ingredients. The pot simmered all day long. We just kept an eye on it and kept adding water. Truly lovely and so simple. You just have to try it. Trust me. This one pot lasted all day long. We just kept adding water and the scent filled our entire home.

I love having a helper in the kitchen. Silas is my picky eater, but when he helps me cook, he is far more likely to try new things. Fortunately, Raddish already has kids in mind when creating the recipes. I love how clear the recipe cards are. First, we gathered all of our ingredients. I love how the recipe card has everything we need, all pictured, so we can gather them one by one easily.

Next we grabbed all of our kitchen tools that we would need. First we decided to make Cornbread with Maple Bacon Butter. Yes. Maple Bacon Butter.

Silas first cooked the bacon in a pan in the oven. Next he made the bread batter. There were many kitchen skills involved that he had the opportunity to work on. Sometimes I forget just how many things there are to know in a kitchen. He learned why we would use a liquid measuring cup instead of a dry one when measuring the oil.

Silas got to use his fancy new measuring cups. One of the other featured Culinary Skills was Dry Measuring Skills.

We will go ahead and call this a good start.

After removing the bacon and foil, he added the bread batter.

He mixed maple syrup and bacon crumbles with butter. Umm...yes, please and thank you very much.

Next, Silas started working on the Apple Cider Chicken recipe. He sliced apples and chopped a shallot. He's getting pretty great at chopping already! We watch a lot of Worst Cooks in America in our house. It's fun for them to learn what not to do sometimes.

He also chopped some fresh thyme and added it to the bowl.

Another skill we learned about was making a pan sauce. First Silas sauteed the chicken, and then he removed it and set it on a plate while he sauteed the apples and shallots. Next he added flour, and then cider and broth. He returned the chicken to the pan, and the sauce thickened beautifully.

Someone (I confess it's me) thought it was a bright idea to broil the top of the cornbread to give it a little color. Woops. It was still delicious! I'd say we have a pretty great looking meal here, wouldn't you agree?

Here is our finished Apple Cider Chicken. We will definitely make this again. The chicken was tender, and the sauce was just the right amount of sweet.

Mom says eat your greens! This wasn't a part of the plan, but we added this salad to our dinner.

Here's my happy family with Silas and his silly camera smile. He was very proud of his accomplishments of the day! Anytime I asked if he wanted help he gave me an emphatic NO. He really wanted to try to do all of it with as little help as possible.

Food always tastes way better when someone cooks it for you. It's especially sweet when it's your own sweet kiddo that did all the work.

During dinner we took out our table talk cards. There are conversation starters on each one. These were fun!

We saved our final recipe for a lazy Saturday morning. Silas had zero complaints about doing this. He didn't want to eat breakfast unless he made it himself. This time we made Pumpkin Crunch Breakfast Parfaits. Again we gathered all of the ingredients. It's especially helpful for new cooks to do this. It helps them to see which ingredients they have left. I am trying to teach him also to clean up as he goes.

I really love these step by step cards. Raddish really did such a thoughtful job of considering that little people would be using these recipes.

Silas got to practice measuring skills again. This week he was able to measure all types of things. Each has its own way, and all are important to know.

Silas isn't a fan of dried cranberries, so we made half with and half without.

This was the finished product, and it was absolutely delicious! We will absolutely be making this again. It was especially delicious with milk.

  Silas made one for himself and one also for his big brother.

Aedan gave his brother two big thumbs up on all of his recipes this week!

The box came with a Chef's Challenge Card.

We checked off all the different ways we learned just from our kitchen adventures of one week. I will definitely be getting more boxes in the future. Even though I was graciously gifted this one box, I will be purchasing the semi-annual membership right away. We truly had so much fun! I wish I hadn't waited so long to try it in the first place. We will slow down and enjoy our box over the month next time. Truly, there is so much learning in just one little box, especially with the digital lesson plans that are included. I can't wait to try the Thanksgiving Box this month!

Silas earned his first Raddish Badge. I can't wait to share more cooking adventures with him in the future. I asked Silas to give me three words to describe our week with Raddish.

       (Yes, he did indeed use that word. Smile.)

Pros: If you want a kid-friendly approach to teaching your children to cook, then Raddish will offer all the help and inspiration you need. The recipes helped us to be intentional about enjoying the flavors of the season and getting out of the rut of making the same old thing. As a homeschool mom you will enjoy the extra lessons that are included. There is so much information packed into each little box. If you have a picky eater as I do you will find that kids often will try things that are new if they have a hand in making it. There are many memories to be made as children grow up. Creating multi-sensory experiences often help them to stick. I have found that the most cherished of our memories often are centered around the family table. This little box helped us to create a few more fun times to add to our memory bank. I love that!

Cons: I truly and honestly can't think of any. We had even more fun than I would have expected.

Please use my referral code when checking out to receive a $10 discount on semi-annual and annual memberships. Thank you ever so kindly :)

Monarch Room Coupon / Referral Code: vh3j8s

Simply go to Raddish Kids to sign up. I hope your family will enjoy these wonderful boxes as much as we did!

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary cooking kit in exchange for my review. All of the opinions are honest and my own.


  1. Love it! Thanks for stepping out of your non- reviewers box to review this. It was fun to see these pictures and learn more about what Raddish is.Perhaps more reviews in the future?

    1. I'm so glad it was helpful :) It helps me so much to see things in action. I hope to share more of our Raddish adventures with the next box that is on its way for Thanksgiving!

  2. Love! ♥ Such a fun review - so well written and full of wonderful photos from start to finish - and the food looks delicious. I had never heard of Raddish Cooking kits before, but they look look so fun. I can't wait to see the Thanksgiving kit!

    And yes, yes, more reviews in the future!

    1. Thank you so much for your encouragement! I asked Silas if he thought we should do another kit, and he said, "We have to do them all!"

  3. Ahh friend, I'm thrilled that you did this post! I actually received one of their
    omelet recipes from our homeschool convention, and have been interested in giving them a try. This post was super helpful and reminded me to check into this.

    1. It really was so much fun! We are starting a new one next week :)


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