Week in Review - HOD CtC - Unit 15

Friday, December 16, 2016

Brrr....It's getting cold here in the Midwest! This is always my favorite time of the school year. I feel less guilty staying home when the fireplace is lit and the day is too cold to venture out. We have a few more weeks before we will take some time off, but until then we are doing our best to make the best of our days.

One of the things I love so much about Heart of Dakota is how it is so centered around Christ. There is always so much Biblical insight. It's been so sweet seeing Silas learn Bible history this year. We have had so many great conversations. 

Every day Silas reads a portion of scripture. The guide gives some direction on how to pray. For some this feels forced, but I remember what it feels like to be a new Christian. I had no idea how to pray. Having a model really helped me as a new believer. Each day our HOD guide will direct the kids to pray in the A.C.T.S. way. This week's project was to make a prayer box to store his prayers.

We made an origami box. The guide had instructions on how to make it. I folded one side, and he folded the other while watching me. Origami can be tough, but it's awesome mental exercise!

These prayers are too precious for words. He decided that he would keep doing this each day. He says it helps him to write down his prayers rather than saying them in his head. It wasn't until I started journaling my prayers that I started really enjoying praying. I know we are all so different, but that practice really helps me. Maybe he is a little like me.

Our poem this week was "Once by the Pacific" This poem is about a traumatic experience Frost had as a child when his father left him on the shore of a beach in California. He was frightened by the incoming waves that were violently crashing on the shore during a storm. Poor fellow.

I absolutely love how we cover Biblical history. This week we learned about Israel's fall to Assyria and a particular prophet's journey in the belly of a big fish.

Jonah prophecies in Nineveh - Around 771 B.C.

Sargon of Assyria conquers Israel - 721 B.C.

Hezekiah, Destruction of Sennacherib - 710 B.C.

We finished up our storytime book God King which ends right as Hezekiah sees what happens to the Assyrian troops outside of the walls of the city.

Copywork about Hezekiah

Silas wrote about Josiah for his written narration.

Silas does SCM Visits to the Middle East once a week. He's getting really great at identifying the countries. I wrote about why we love this series here.

In science we learned about how acid rain affects copper.

We added various solutions to jars with pennies in them.

We will let these sit for a while before reporting on what happened.

Silas read part of his brother's chemistry book about copper to learn more about this metal.

We have been doing science from the HOD Resurrection to Reformation science this year because we had covered so much animal science in previous years. I saw this little book pop up in the guide and decided to have him read it. The readings are really short.

We have bird feeders up on our windows, so I had him draw a few of our local visitors. I'm so thankful for colorful birds when everything has lost its summer colors. How was your week?

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