Week in Review - HOD CtC - Unit 17

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Happy winter! This month has been slow and full all at the same time. It's been nice having a break from afternoon classes, but at the same time we have also spent more time with family and friends. I would rather the latter any day. We made it through Christmas, and we are thoroughly enjoying some time off. Phew.

Last week we learned about the Persian empire through the eyes of Queen Esther. We have been reading the Book of Esther for storytime. Every year at Purim many Jewish people celebrate the salvation of the Jews during Esther's time. Hamantashen cookies or Haman's Ears are a traditional Jewish treat eaten during Purim. We love these kinds of history projects!

Silas is getting really great at making dough. He rolled it out and used a cup to cut out 3" circles.

I bought a lot of Christmas gifts at World Market. I love that store! While I was there I spotted some apricot jam that we would need for this recipe.

 Silas added a dab of apricot jam to the middle.

Next he folded each end in to create a triangle shape.

 All ready to go in the oven!

 This recipe made 24! This is waaay to dangerous to have this many cookies lying around. These go well with coffee for the record.

 Silas also made a gragger which is a Jewish noisemaker. When we read the story he shook it when the name Haman was read out loud.

We sadly have reached the end of Story of the Ancient World. I have enjoyed reading Biblical history with Silas.

Belshazzar's Feast/Babylon Conquered by Medes and Persians - 538 B.C.

Daniel in the Lions' Den - 538 B.C.

Jews Rebuild Temple/Esther is Queen of Persia - 515 B.C.

We studied the various walls of the temple in Jerusalem.

Silas's copywork was about Esther. He can spell by the way. He has created a whole new language where the last letter is left off of all words. Just roll with it!

Silas's last narration for Story of the Ancient World was about the final prophesies of the Old Testament.

I haven't updated for a while on math. So far so good in Singapore Math. It's starting to get a little tough in decimals, but he's making it through. I've learned how to slow down or speed up in Singapore when necessary. I didn't know how to do that in Singapore before.

Silas is really enjoying this sweet book for literature.

We were total slackers in science this week. Silas is enjoying reading the science books, but we skipped the experiment. We cheated and looked at his brother's pictures of when he did the same experiment a few years ago. On the last day of school before winter break that was permissible!.

And then Christmas morning came....We had a lovely Christmas celebration. We always do Christmas Eve with my family and Christmas evening with Nate's family. It was nice having a slow morning at home on Christmas day. I made cinnamon rolls which may have to be a new tradition! They were easy to pop in the oven the next morning. I made the rolls the night before.

My mom got me a pretty new pan that I in turn made a Christmas tiramisu (one of my favorites!) I hope you all enjoyed special times with your family too!


  1. Happy Winter!!! While I love autumn, I am actually excited for the slow that the winter brings. We usually have cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning. This coming year, I'm planning on keeping/making traditions and cinnamon rolls will be on the list. Thank you for sharing the Arrow. We'll be starting in February because we want to participate in the Read Aloud Revival for all of January. ....and please do share your recipe for Christmas tiramisu :)

    1. I love cinnamon rolls! It was so nice to just pop them in the oven. What your doing with RAR looks so fun!

  2. Do you plan to share more about Brave Writer? I just downloaded the sample pack and the two Arrow samples and will have a few questions for you later. :)

    Love the Haman's hats!

    1. Sharing about BW is definitely on my list. It may take actually making a video to explain more fully :) It took me a while to wrap my mind around the philosophy. It's been very freeing for us. Ask away!


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