Week in Review - HOD MtMM - Unit 14

Thursday, December 8, 2016

We made it through the fall schedule commitments and have been really enjoying the slower pace of these past few weeks. When we have time in our week I love to make some of our activities a little more fun than if we had to rush through them. I'm so thankful to not be rushing out of the house 2-3 days a week. School is far more enjoyable on these days we get to take our time.

In history we learned about education, entertainment, prohibition, Stalin and Mary McLeod Bethune. We learned that a popular thing to do during this period was to have ice cream socials.

I told the boys if they made a menu that I would buy the ingredients. Be careful what you say!

Sooo.....this is my promise kept.

We called this our Ice Cream Anti-Social because it was just our family this time. Next time we will definitely have to invite friends. The boys were so excited to have all these fun choices!

We waited for the weekend, so Nate could enjoy it with us. I made hot fudge, and we warmed up caramel sauce.

Nate added oreos, pecans, fudge and caramel.

I had Reece's, peanuts, pecans, fudge and caramel.

And then the kids made their ice cream creations. Ha! This was Silas's. Everything with everything please and thank you very much.

This was Aedan's. MORE of everything with everything on top. I'm calling this a win. Many mom (and wife) points were earned on this day.

Mary McLeod Bethune - 1875-1955 A.D.

We read about this amazing lady this week in Hero Tales. Mary McLeod did all she could to get the education she believed was hers to have. She did everything she could to make education possible for other African Americans.

Aedan read one of her speeches for Worthy Words.

He copied a portion of that speech. This is a woman I would like to learn more about.

Mary believed that there was no such thing as menial work, but only a menial attitude. Aedan's history activity this day was to choose a household task to complete with a good attitude, and to his credit he did just that :)

Prohibition in the U.S. - 1919-1933 A.D.

"Nothing to see here folk."

Aedan is using Silas's Red Traveler character in his pictures this week. The Red Traveler can't spell!

  We learned about the consequences of prohibition even thought the motive may have been a good one.

Russia Becomes the U.S.S.R. Under Stalin - 1922 A.D.

Aedan read about Stalin and wrote about him for his written narration.

We watched a performance by Louis Armstrong.

We also watched one of the first silent films "The Great Train Robbery."

Aedan read about Ulysses S. Grant.

One thing I love about Missions to Modern Marvels is that we get to learn about so many great missionaries! Silas and I read this Gladys Aylward book back when we did MFW ECC. I'm happy Aedan will get to learn about this amazing woman too! He is also learning about Eric Liddell as well who was also such a man of character and conviction.

As I said in Silas's post we (gasp) set aside Rod & Staff Grammar. R&S is the only thing I ever kept from the very beginning that I never switched. I'm sad to set it aside, but as I'll share later it just wasn't working anymore. We are all enjoying this change of pace, but I will have to see how I feel about it in the long run before I really know how I feel.

I've been listening to a lot of Brave Writer videos these days, and they even helped me with math. Math U See has been a God-send for our homeschool. It's the first math that I could do with Aedan that we both ended the lesson still liking each other the same. Sad but true. This week we hit a road block, and I decided to put it on the shelf for a few days just to do Fred (whom I adore.) That little mental break was just what we needed and he was able to get through the MUS lesson easily. Instead of butting heads I decided to take a few days to learn to teach the lesson better. In the meantime Aedan did the first few lessons in Fred. He said "You mean that is all we have to do for math today?" Yep. Smiles for miles.

Aedan is really enjoying The Giver. He said it's nice to read a book from the future instead of always from the past.

Aedan's nature journal drawing was of a dead plant. This was the one he found to draw.

Science is going well with The Elements.

This week he had to make element cards. I loved his pictures! The back has a little explanation about what each element is.

We learned about ionic compounds and how they are shaped like lattices. Salt is a good example. The boys looked at them under a magnifying lens. We couldn't find our portable microscope, but this still worked well.

We looked at the difference between kosher salt and regular table salt.

The table salt looked more like a cube.

Aedan had to make a model of salt with marshmallows. Silas asked if he could do it too. He didn't want his brother to be able to eat all of those marshmallows without him!

This was their final design. Aedan's turned out bigger somehow.

I've been having Aedan read 2-4 pages a day in this book. It's fabulous!

It's nice to get a visual on each of the elements.

He says some are more interesting than others.


  1. Wonderful week of learning! Love the ice cream {anti}social! So fun! So glad a break was all you needed. ❤️

    1. Thank you! We may be taking this rest thing a little too far. We definitely want to use this extra time we have now for friends :) We need to keep the ice cream out of the house in the meantime.


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