Week in Review - HOD MtMM - Unit 15

Saturday, December 17, 2016

We are nearing the halfway mark here at Monarch Room. We have made a few changes lately that have made our days more enjoyable. I think this has been one of the most enjoyable history periods we have done. Maybe that's just me talking though. I'm fascinated by all we are learning this year, and hopefully Aedan catches a little of that enthusiasm.

This week we learned about Egypt's fight for Independence, Fascism and war between China and Japan.

Independence for Egypt - 1922 A.D.

Mussolini - Prime Minister of Italy - 1923-1944. 
Woops! Aedan read France when it said Italy.

This is the emblem of Mussolini's Fascist Party.

We mapped various the influence of Nazi and Fascist rule.

Hirohito - Emperor of Japan - 1926-1989

Our history project was to make fortune cookies. Aedan copied scriptures to be the fortune you find when you crack the cookie open.

Aedan still isn't a fan of cooking. I will win him over someday! I don't want him to be helpless in the kitchen when he leaves the house someday. He will probably go eat at his little brother's house.

I am glad there are projects like this that he has to do. Hopefully he will eventually feel more confident in the kitchen. Silas gets a kick out of Aedan's cooking skills!

I have never made fortune cookies before, so this was really fun. First we spooned about a tablespoon on a silpat cooking mat.

Next we spread them out into a circle.

We only made 2 at a time because you have to work quickly when folding these or they crack too soon. We were supposed to bake them 5-7 minutes. The first 2 we cooked for 5 minutes. They were a little too thick and chewy. OUCH by the way! These puppies are hot! Aedan tried a few, but he couldn't hack the heat.

Our next few batches were much better. I think we ended up cooking them for 9 minutes.

After you fold them you let them sit in a muffin pan while they cool. This helps them keep their shape.

How fun is that!?

We mapped the war between China and Japan.

Aedan read a speech from King Fu'ad I of Egypt and added some facts about Hirohito's life. I couldn't believe he ruled all the way to 1989. That's incredible!

Aedan wrote about the Chinese Communist Party for his narration.

We read more about the life of Gladys Aylward. She was such an incredible woman!

Aedan read about Rutherford B. Hayes.

This week he had to sketch a dead twig and draw a picture of a tree from a distance. This is going to be such a great keepsake.

In science Aedan made marshmallow molecules. We are nearing the end of The Elements. This has been a great year of science for Aedan.


  1. Okay, I've been a terrible blog visitor, but it doesn't mean that I don't read every one of your posts and get inspired! It's been a season of chaos and I'm relieved for our little bits of texting, emails, and Instagram likes!

    I pray that you and your family continue to enjoy your special learning with HOD (wee bit jealous), and that you have a Merry Christmas!!

    Have a happy Sunday!

    1. I read all of yours too even if I don't always get the chance to comment <3! Merry Christmas to you too friend!


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