Week in Review - HOD CtC - Unit 18

Thursday, January 5, 2017

This was our first week back after winter break. It's amazing how rusty your mind can get after just a little time off. The beginning of the week started out rough, but by day 3 we were up and running again. This week doesn't have as many pictures, art, or activities. Such is life. I was so thankful it was one of those weeks that felt lighter than others.

One exciting thing was that we left the history of the Hebrews, Babylonians and Persians, and we started our study of Greece! This is always such a fun civilization to study. I love all the D'aulaire books. I added this one the first time through Creation to Christ with Aedan. Silas thinks are the stories are quite strange, but he really enjoys them very much.

One thing I love so much about HOD is that when one book ends another begins. I really appreciate the rotation of spines. I get tired of hearing the same voice for a whole year. It's nice mixing it up with new books every now an again. This is a Yesterday's Classics book. It doesn't look interesting, but it's very conversational and understandable. I have been reading it with Silas, so if he has questions he can ask me right away. We enjoyed learning why the geography of Greece was so important to its formation and why they warred among themselves because of it. So interesting!

We started our new storytime book Archimedes and the Door of Science. This is a great book to explain how this man lived but also about the customs of the Greeks. One of my very favorite things about HOD is all the biographies we have read throughout the years. Fantastic! I also decided to add in daily Aesop readings. These stories are SO fabulous! I can see why the Greeks studied them as part of their literature. There is so much to learn about life in these pages.

Founding of Athens, Greece - Approximately 1556 B.C.

Founding of Sparta - Approximately 1490 B.C.

Homer Composes the Iliad and Odyssey - Approximately 800 B.C.

Silas's copywork was about the geography of Greece.

He wrote his narration about the dining habits of the Greeks.

In geography we learned more about Greece's geography and the trade routes that they shared with the Phoenicians.

In science we are learning about ocean currents and tides.

I decided to skip the experiment this week and watch a Brain Pop about how ocean currents work.

Silas's pictures always make me smile. He wants you to know he can indeed spell. The Traveler (his character that is on all the notebook pages) always leaves off the last letter. This is the guy from Castaway (floating on an ocean current)  yelling for Wilson the volleyball (if you've seen that movie.)

I hope to do a few fun activities and cooking projects inspired by the people of Greece. We shall see if those actually happen! For now, all is well. How about you?


  1. Sounds like a fun week! I do love reading about the ancient Greeks. My daughter is fascinated with the myths and loves the Percy Jackson series.

    1. I had forgotten about those! Thanks for the reminder :)


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