Week in Review - HOD CtC - Unit 19

Friday, January 20, 2017

We have been happily studying the land and people of Ancient Greece over the past few weeks. I asked Silas what his favorite culture we have studied so far has been. He said that Greece seemed to be where so many interesting things and people lived and that the Greeks are his favorite so far. It's been fun reading the myths and Aesop's fables with him. There is so much wisdom in those tales from long ago. Silas didn't realize how many sayings come from those stories that we use in our everyday speech.

I really love our Robert Frost poetry study each week. We usually take the time to find out more about the poem. This week our poem was "The Birthplace." I thought this painting turned out beautifully. He's getting better every week!
Olympic Games in Olympia, Greece - 776 B.C.

Solon's Laws Reform Athens - 593 B.C.

Battle of Marathon and Battle of Thermopylae - 490 B.C.

We read about the famous runner Phidippides who ran 150 miles from Athens to Sparta to call for aid to help them fight. We made this scytale message that is like the one Phidippides would have carried all that way. Have your kids write small btw. We ran out of room too soon.

Silas's copywork was about Phidippides.

He drew a Greek soldier from Draw and Write Through History. I thought he did a great job! These drawings are testing his ability to follow instructions, but that has been a great thing.

I'm really pleased with Silas's written narrations. Each week we work on an outline before he writes. It really helps him to stay on topic.

I sometimes forget to mention the many resources we get to use each week. This year we have been studying the book of Genesis with this book.

I forgot to ever share our pictures of our family trip to the Creation Museum. We will never read the story of the flood without remembering this trip and how big the ark really was!

We are also enjoying our trip through the Holy Land in geography. We have been studying Egypt for the past month and learning about the culture and sights of that country.

We took a break from formal writing, but I decided to take Write With the Best off the shelf. We are working through writing a descriptive paragraph. Silas of course chose his favorite topic, his kitty.

We had also taken a break from Rod & Staff. Rod and Staff was the only thing I have never waffled about until this year. I think I was expecting too much and the kids were getting a little burned out on it. A break was just what we needed. I was starting to miss the additional instruction that R&S offers. It's just so solid.

Silas is enjoying his study of the earth. He always gives such great written and oral narrations from this book.

I always love his science notebook pages each week! That's all for now. See you next week!


  1. I love yor sons little illustrations tbey are so fun, especially the way his character always leaves off hist last letter. My sons are 9 and 14 with one sister in between who is 11 and two older sisters 23 and 21.

    We plan on using HOD next year for the first time. It is mostly your blog that has inspired me to try it. My kids all love to draw as well. Your boys illustrations remind me of my boys' illustrations.

    1. Thank you for your sweet compliments. If your boys are artists they'll love all the chances they get to practice in HOD :) I hope it's a great fit for your family too!

  2. I have so many HOD questions. Could you share with me how much time goes into an HOD day including language arts but not math and science?

    1. We usually start school around 8, and we are mostly done by 12:30. We take a 30 minute break mid morning. Every once in a while we might work on a project in the afternoon. We have made some adjustments and subbed and changed a few things, but we do most of HOD CtC as written. He has also read most of the extensions books. We are doing HOD science from the RtR guide and Singapore which probably together take around 45 minutes tops.


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