Week in Review - HOD CtC - Unit 20

Monday, January 23, 2017

This week we studied the Golden Age of Greece. Silas has been fascinated by all of the strange customs of ancient Greece. They were such a fascinating people and culture! It's been just as fun for me to learn these things the second time around. I have more time this time around to sit and chat with Silas about what he thinks about it all. We are both learning so much together.

Our history project this week was to make a 3D Greek column out of paper. Aedan made one the first time we went through CtC, so I thought it would be fun to do a variation. I love to have projects that can be easily stored in their binders as keepsakes. I saw this neat bleeding tissue paper art technique, and I thought it would be fun to try it.

After these years of homeschool we have quite the art supply hoard. We bought all these tissue papers way back when Silas was in kindergarten! It's nice always having what we need. All you have to do for this project is tear different pieces of colored paper up and lay them over your paper. We used watercolor paper as it is less likely to warp.

Next Silas sprayed the paper with water.

The colors bled onto the watercolor paper underneath. For some reason I thought the paper would stick, but as it dried it all came back up.

It left this really pretty design. You can cut the paper into shapes and make really cool designs if you like.
Next Silas drew the three different styles of columns on card stock.

Lastly he cut out the columns and glued them on his background. Fun!

Each of the designs was represented in our student notebook. Silas also drew the Parthenon from Draw and Write Through History. This one was tough. We might be missing a column, but who's counting? I still think he did a beautiful job!

We are really enjoying The Streams of History: Ancient Greece book. It was written a long time ago, and the cover doesn't show what a great book it is. It's written in a very conversational way, and we're learning a lot about Greek culture.

Battle of Salamis (Greeks Win) 480 B.C.

Pericles Rules during the Golden Age of Athens - 461-429 B.C.

Parthenon is Built and Dedicated to Athena - 438 B.C.

Silas wrote about what it would be like to go to a Greek theater. You better be good or you'd get pelted with figs!

We have a great local museum, and we try to visit if we are studying a new period. The museum didn't have a ton from this period in Greece, but there were a few things at least.

In one of the books we read about Greek pottery, so this was neat to see in person.

This is a stone carving of Heracles. Silas remembered him from the Greek Myths. He is posing like him of course!

This week our poem was "Lodged" by Robert Frost. It was about how he felt after the death of loved ones. He felt "lodged, though not dead" like flowers after a rain storm. This was such a sad poem, but so many can relate to how he felt. I finally got more paper, so I could paint again with Silas. This time I got mini 5 x 7 paper.

We have been working through Write With the Best this week. Each day we worked on the different elements of a descriptive paragraph. We read an example of a descriptive paragraph about a doll out of Little House in the Big Woods. There are few authors that wrote as descriptively as Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Silas is enjoying reading Lemonade War. He's wondering how it will end, and that's always a good sign of a great book.

Silas is learning so much about the earth through all of the science books this year! He has always had so many questions. It's cool to see some of them answered as he learns more each week.


  1. I love the tissue paper bleeding project, and I will definitely repeat that with my kids. What a great tye-dye effect!

    1. I tried it myself on a little card I made. I want to try it again :) I'd never seen that technique before.

  2. HOD has: Bible books, history books, basic package books, extended package books, science books, and literature. Which boojs do you read alongside your sons, and which ones do they read on their own?

    Again, I truly enjoy taking a peek into your school days. Thank you for sharing.

    1. If you look at this link it shows the first week of the HOD CtC plans. http://www.heartofdakota.com/pdf/CTC-First-Week.pdf The boxes marked with "I" are meant to be read independently by your kids. The "S" are semi-independent, and "T" boxes are teacher directed. Science, History, and Bible Quiet time and extensions are written to be independent subjects. Extensions are only required if your child falls outside of the guide's age range. My boys have always been on the upper end and have read many of the extensions, but they aren't required so we pick and choose.

      In CtC the history books are meant to be read independently, but lately I've been reading those with him. It's easier to have discussions if I'm in the loop although my oldest actually prefers to read on his own. He is a more visual learner and has an easier time focusing if he's reading himself.

      I'm so glad it helps you to take a look at what a week might look like before making that decision. A similar blog helped me to take the HOD plunge as well. I love being able to see how things look in real life :)

  3. How great that HoD tells you exactly where the student will need help and what can be done independently.

    I have a question about The Arrow. I can see how it would be the perfect choice for literature to go along with HOD, but it also includes grammer and writing. i have always loved rod and staff for its thoroughnes, simplicity, and organization - its just so clear and easy to use, I think. However, my kids have never liked it. Do you do HOD's suggestions for gramnar and writing, or The Arrow? How do they compare?

    1. We use the Arrows more for discussion. It does touch on grammar concepts, but it's not like R&S. Rod and Staff is one of the few things we have stuck with through the years. We took a break from it to do IEW Fix It, but we returned to R&S. I agree. It's just so solid. Yes, it's probably not my kids' favorite subject, but I love how HOD schedules it. We do book 5 over grade 5 & 6 and book 6 through 7 and 8, and so on. So yes, I've followed many of HOD's suggestions for LA.

  4. Did you use artist quality tissue paper? It's pretty! I especially love the columns and how they stand out on top.

    1. I did buy artist quality tissue paper way back when Silas was in Kindergarten. We were using Artistic Pursuits at the time, and it was one of the supplies needed. I can't remember where I got it, but I think we finally need more. It's lasted a long time! It's nice having lots of different colors available :)


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