Week in Review - HOD CtC - Unit 21

Saturday, January 28, 2017

We are steadily making our way through the days and weeks here in our little corner of the woods. It feels good to have accomplished what we have so far, and yet I'm not ready to say goodbye to this year's learning. It really is a privilege to spend my days with these incredible boys. I try and remember that on the days that feel painfully hard, and on those days that my inadequacies shine through far more than my strengths. God is somehow still faithful to be my strength when my weaknesses want to show up and raise a ruckus.

It's been fun painting with Silas again. I have enjoyed having paper to paint with him again. This week we pained a sunset based on Robert Frost's poem "Acceptance."

I remembered when we did this painting with Aedan that it was a little difficult to use masking tape to make the shapes of the sun and clouds. Instead we used sticker paper (shipping labels to be exact) to draw the shapes and then cut them out.

We drew a horizon and added the shapes to our sky.

Next we followed the instructions in the guide to paint the water and sky.

The sticker paper worked great!

Next we finished up the clouds and water. This is one of my favorite paintings so far!

Since we have been learning about Greece our history project was to hold our own Olympic Games Trials. We looked up each individual event on YouTube, so we knew how the actual event looks. We used our cotton ball shot put, straw javelins and paper plate discus to have 3 of the events. So silly and fun, because really, how far can one throw a cotton ball anyway?

Shot Put

Broad Jump

Discus Throw

High Jump

Javelin Toss

Long Jump

Athens Vs. Sparta - Peloponnesian War - 431-404 B.C.

Philip II of Macedon gains control of Greece - 338 B.C.

Reign of Alexander the Great - 336-323 B.C.

We enjoyed learning about the life of Alexander the Great! Silas's "Traveler" Bucephalus made me giggle.

Aedan drew Bucephalus, Alexander the Great's horse by following the instructions out of Draw and Write Through History. I always love his pictures!

He wrote about the conquests of Alexander the Great for his written narration. His picture shows how Alexander started dressing like the Persians and his army men didn't love that so much.

We saw where in the world Alexander seized power.

Silas read more about Alexander the Great with this extension book.

In science we read about tectonic plates and continental drift.

It's funny how after a few years you learn to have a little perspective. The first time around CtC I wasn't sure that Write With the Best was "enough." I've learned after watching Aedan go up through these guides that there is so much writing across the curriculum in HOD and that each year's instruction has been more than enough. Silas enjoyed writing a descriptive paragraph about his kitty. We started the descriptive paragraph about a place at the end of the week.

I'm so glad we have continued to persevere through Singapore math. Silas wows me each week with his ability to do so much of his math in his head. I often ask him to teach (me) how he figured out a problem on his own. We have worked through fractions, decimals and have recently moved onto percents. This is the kid I sort of agonize about what next step to take in math. It's one of his strengths, so I want to challenge him. I don't want to over-do it though. This is one of those areas I'm hoping the Lord will give me wisdom. We wills stick with Singapore next year, and then I will have to make a decision about what comes after that. I'm thankful for a little more time. 

How was your week? Have you started planning for next year too?


  1. Im not sure why when I try to post from my comouter it doesnt work. I make so many mistakes on my tablet. I apologize for any typos.

    My question is....Do you ever fall behind in one or more area of the curriculum? That is one frustration I have always had with curriculum that include everything. I am hoping that since HOD is only scheduled for 4 days that won't be such a big issue and we will be able to catch up on Fridays with anything that wasnt completed during the week.

    We have used a variety of curriculum over the last 18 years and i am one who tends to tweek everything however, last year i started working part time and I think using something that is all laid out for us will be extremely helpful.

    we already do lots of reading, narrations, dictation and copywork. we have been using AO online for the past 10 years or so. I think HOD will be a good fit for us during this season in our lives and will provide sone fun ideas to go along with our studies that i am not able to come up with on my own because of limited time.

    I loved the straw and cotton ball olympic idea! Fun. I will try to remember that one.

    1. I definitely appreciate that HOD is a 4 day curriculum. It is full, but we do tend to get most of it done. The fifth day is used as catch up. We often will finish up painting or experiments on that day. The years that were harder were when we did a full day co-op on the fifth day. That made our week feel a little more harried. Instead we now take a few afternoon classes here and there. If you've been doing AO then your kids will be used to a significant reading load. Try to think of activities and projects as optional on days or weeks that are too full. We do a lot of the cooking projects in the evening when we have to cook anyway. It's fun being able to include my husband on those :)

  2. Hi! I was hoping you will give more info about your Lightning Literature choice. :) I am looking ahead for next year (always looking ahead as homeschooling Mamas, aren't we!), and I see that you are continuing to stick with LL in World Geo. I am hoping you will be willing to give more info as to why you chose LL and what it entails. Using LL seems to provide less books to read than the HOD guide, but you go more in depth with each book, am I judging that right?

    I enjoy reading your blog! Your youngest and my oldest are in the same guide this year, so it's fun to see another's take on CTC. And it's always good for me to "see" what's coming up in future guides. That's why I'm so curious about LL! I'd never heard of it before your blog, but you seem to really like it.

    1. Thank you so much for visiting Amber! I agree it's so nice being able to see what's ahead. I've gotten a few requests to share more about LL. I better got on writing a post! I definitely do like it a lot. I really appreciate the book choices and instruction. We have subbed in a few Brave Writer Boomerang issues here and there (for books I don't want to miss.) I'm trying to decide how many of the high school books he can handle right now. He loved the 7th grade books. Tom Sawyer became one of his all time favorites and mine too after getting the chance to read it that year. I'll take some pictures soon and share. I keep meaning to do that. Thank you for the suggestion :)


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