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Friday, January 6, 2017

As I said in Silas's review post, this was our first week back. I kind of wonder if it was me having a harder time than the boys going back to school. Routine has always been best for us all, but those slow and lazy days get into your blood after a while. Getting back to work always makes you feel a little like the Tin Man without enough oil.

One of our hard days this week was due to a certain math test. Aedan did so well 2 days in a row and then not as well on the 3rd day. It made no sense why, but it just happens that way sometimes. Deep breath. I will graduate this kid, and he will have enough math credits at the end of it all. Amen. My solace is seeing how gifted he is in other areas. He's becoming such a fantastic creative writer (hallelujah for the language portion of the ACT!) He is also coming along so well with his art. He is disciplined and draws on his own every.single.day. I don't remember a day that has past in his entire life that he didn't have a pen in hand.

Aedan usually prefers black pens and colored pencils, but his nature journal had him pulling out markers this week. He had to replicate a work of art, so he drew this Monet. It was neat to see how well he did with a new medium.

The nature journal goes along side of our poem of the week. This picture went nicely with the poem. I'm so proud of this young man.

We are continuing to learn even more about the events, people and places of World War II.

Japan Bombs Pearl Harbor - December 7, 1941 A.D.

This was such a sad event in history, but I can see why the whole country rallied. As my boys are getting older war and drafts feel all too real. I can't imagine the hurt and loss our country felt when so many young men were lost so tragically.

I have moved the Timeline box to Day 4 of our HOD plans. I like for him to have read about the event before he adds the timeline. He understands it more that way.

We mapped the bombing of Pearl Harbor. As I've said before my dad grew up in Hawaii. He was born in 1944 and could find Japanese plane parts in the hills when he was a boy. This wasn't so long ago if you think of it that way.

I absolutely love how we study famous speeches and words from those we are studying. This week we listened to Winston Churchill's speech to the U.S. Congress after Pearl Harbor. These new leaders have a hard time touching the eloquence of some of the leaders who have passed.

Every other week Aedan does an oral narration that I am supposed to type. Phew. These aren't easy, but they are teaching a great skill. For the record, this was a very rough part of our day that day. I had to take a deep breath and step away. The teenager wasn't in the mood, and I knew I wasn't going to get quality work out of him at the moment. We persevered and tried it again in the afternoon. We laughed at how silly we get sometimes over such small things. Teenage hormones and middle aged hormones colliding are a very bad thing! Thank goodness for coffee and mid-morning snacks!

The reason this guide is called Missions to Modern Marvels is that we have the wonderful opportunity of reading about great men and women of faith who shared the gospel all over the world. This week we read about the lives of Eric Liddell (which we had read about already in one of the extensions), Watchman Nee, and Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

Eric Liddell - Olympic Medalist & Chinese Missionary - 1902-1945

Eric Liddell had a very distinct running style, hence the commentary on this timeline (giggle.)

The words of Isaiah 40:31 are on Eric Liddell's memorial. I love that the copywork in these guides has purpose. Truly, I have no idea how these little details are found and put together so beautifully. I'm so thankful it's already done for us. I love that!

Watchman Nee - Chinese House Church Movement - 1903-1972 A.D.

What an incredible man and life! I love that we get to learn about such brave Christian men and women.

These words were found under a pillow in Watchman Nee's room after his death. Wow. I am so convicted by this kind of faith.

Aedan learned about kamons which are Japanese family crests. He designed one for us.

This is a Chinese Nationalist propaganda poster.

We also read about the life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Yet another incredible man who died a hero's death.

We finished Gladys Aylward this week. That was the second time I read that book. I am inspired so much by her sacrifice and her bravery. We started our new storytime book A Shadow of His Hand about the life of Anita Dittman who was a Jewish Holocaust survivor. It's already a tear jerker, and she is only 5 years old where we left off. I love that I get the opportunity to read these stories with my very black and white teenager. Sometimes he is very task oriented, but I love that we have this slow down time where we can chat about these kinds of stories and how they should impact our hearts and lives.
Aedan is almost done with Frederich. These books paint this period in history with true flesh and blood people. If we don't learn history we are doomed to repeat it as they say. It's such a privilege to have the chance to learn these things again, but in such an even more meaningful way. History isn't dry and dusty. It's human lives all twisted up together and hopefully moving toward our true home that is to be.

Aedan is enjoying learning more about each president. I hear him chuckle to himself as he's reading or watching the DVDs. These guys made as many mistakes as the rest of us even if they had the title of President.

Every once and a while we watch the extension DVDs. Even though the narrator sounds funny it's nice seeing actual footage of these events.

We took a little break from the HOD science plans just for Atoms in the Family. It's an interesting book, but instead we are watching the Chemistry 101 videos. These are really interesting and a nice change of pace.

Aedan is enjoying The Mystery of the Periodic Table.

Once a week I have him write a written narration and fill in more of the Periodic Table.

Aedan finished reading A Christmas Carol and is now completing the lessons and writing assignments that follow each book. I really love Lightning Lit. It does such a great job of teaching literary elements and teaching kids how to employ them in their own writing. This week Aedan has been developing his own character, writing a back story, and developing dialogue. He will put it all together in the next few weeks to be a story based on a character of his own making. His character is quite hilarious. We will have to see how it all turns out in the end. I would love to hear about your week!


  1. That's the beauty of a boxed curriculum. I know I could never pull it all together as beautifully.

    Where's the Hulk Buster when you need it? 😉 Having raised three teenage boys now I can honesty say that those were some of the hardest years of my life, but you got this!

    Love the marker Monet!

    1. I really need to remember my oils next time! Glad to know I will survive. Phew. He's such a good sport for the most part, but the humanity in both of us is bound to show up sometimes.

    2. My 14 year old daughter and I butt heads over math, haha! Your posts always make me wish we were doing HOD! I love his marker Monet, as well. His drawings are always impressive.

    3. So hard right? I do love HOD for these creative parts. It's really great for this kid in particular :)


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