Week in Review - HOD MtMM - Unit 20

Monday, January 23, 2017

This week we reached the end of WWII. I'm so glad we have learned how there was also hope in such a dark time. I never knew I'd become such a lover of history when I took on this homeschool life. It's been so refreshing to learn it in a different way.

Rosie the Riveter was a famous image of the time. It was meant to encourage women to take part in the wartime production efforts. This picture still is seen in so many places today.
Marianna Slocum Bible Translation - Mexico - 1940 A.D. 

We read about the efforts of Bible translators during this period of history.

 Atom Bomb - Hiroshima (August 6) Nagasaki (August 9, 1945 A.D.)

 We are fortunate to have many great historical museums in our town. Harry Truman lived 20 minutes where we live. We took the kids to the Harry S. Truman Presidential Library since he was the one who ultimately decided to drop the Atomic bomb.

Kansas City has quite an interesting history with lots of mob ties to different cities. Truman was an unlikely pick to become the vice president, but whoever took that position would likely become the next president as Roosevelt was a dying man. FDR died very shortly after, and Truman became president.

 The museum had a lot of newspaper headings all in a row, so we could see the timeline of events in the order in which they happened.

While there was now peace in Europe the Americans still had Japan to worry about.

One of our history projects was to research Jimmy Stewart who was a famous actor during the war. It was cool to see a poster in the museum as we had just read about him. Stewart served as a bomber pilot during the war. Few were exempt no matter what their status.

Jimmy Stewart's father gave him a copy of Psalm 91. This is a psalm I need to memorize someday. If every fear should come these words would surely comfort a troubled soul.

We mapped the places that were under Japanese control.

 Americans were encouraged to increase their production in order to defeat those that threatened freedom.

 Japan was given an ultimatum to stop fighting or be destroyed. They chose the latter. Truman decided that the only way to end the war was to give Japan no other choice.

We walked through a lot of Atomic bomb posters and information. This was a scary period of history to say the least.

It was interesting discussing with the kids what they thought they would have done had they been Truman.

 The Japanese didn't retreat after the first bomb was dropped, and so the U.S. dropped a second bomb on Nagasaki which ultimately ended the war.

 There was an oval office replica of what it would have looked like during Truman's presidency.

Occupied Germany Becomes East and West Germany - 1949 A.D.

My husband has always been fascinated by the Cold War, so it was neat discussing these displays with him.

 We learned more about the post war years of Truman's presidency.

We watched a few videos about Truman's early life and learned more about his wife Bess. This is a letter he wrote to her.

Next week we will learn about Israel becoming a nation, so this display was timely.

This shows the celebration of the Jews.

The U.S. was the first country to recognize Israel as a nation.

I always love political cartoons. They remind me so much of how Aedan draws his timelines. I think he'd be a great political cartoonist someday!

This original Norman Rockwell was on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post when Truman ran for re-election. It's titled "Family Squabble." Apparently the tensions were very high back then as they were during this past election. The more things change, the more the they stay the same. 

This was election memorabilia from that election.

Truman won very easily. 

He very famously held up the Dewey Defeats Truman Newspaper because they were sure he was going to lose. The joke was on them. The museum held more information on things we are yet to study. It was great being able to show the kids what was yet to come. Silas just had to have this Truman stuffy. Only my kid would want this!

Aedan is continuing to learn more about each president. This week he read about Theodore Roosevelt. He thinks that Teddy Roosevelt wasn't much of a conservationist even thought he did mark of a few national parks. Aedan said that Roosevelt killing a bunch of wildlife in Africa kind of swayed his opinion about that.

Aedan's nature journal is so fun to look through after he adds each element.

The poems always go so beautifully each week.

This was Aedan's first night at his art class. I kind of was creeping on him from the outside to see what was going on in there. He had a great time! I think he's going to learn so much!


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    1. Oh I'm so glad! It's fun for me to have to write out, even if simply, what we learn each week. It helps (me) to remember too!


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