Week in Review - HOD MtMM - Unit 21

Saturday, January 28, 2017

How is it that each year I face feels so long in coming after all that praying and planning, and then it so quickly fades away? That's how I'm feeling heading into the final third of our year. The older and taller this big kid gets the more tightly I want to hold onto him, but yet I know he will grow up all the same. I'm thankful for these days together - messy, difficult, silly, strange and treasured days.

Aedan's artwork always delights me. I look at the assignment and know nothing I could ever put to paper would come as easily as it comes to him.

His nature journal this year has been great. It's harder to find anything lovely to draw in the dead of winter, so I'm glad there is instruction on various ways to draw different things.

Each week the nature journal centers around a poem. This week we read "The Sun Has Long Been Set" by Wordsworth. After studying poetry all these years I'm starting to see my son write poems of his own and in his own way. He will tell you he can't write poetry, but I have proof he can. His dad is an amazing poet too. I love having such creative men in my family!

In history we read about Chawnga Pudaite who was a Bible translator in India. I've loved these short biographical sketches we have read about great men and women this year. We also read about India's Independence, the partitioning of India and Palestine, Israel becoming a nation, and the Suez Canal Crisis.

India is Independent, Pakistan is Born - August 1947 A.D.

Aedan read this New York Times article for Worthy Words about Gandhi's death.

We mapped India. I realized as I am writing this that Aedan was supposed to color E. Pakistan. Woops!

Israel Declares Independence - May 14, 1948 A.D.

This was a poster that was supposed to encourage funding for the building of the land of Israel.

Aedan mapped the Middle East and we learned which countries attacked Israel on the day they declared independence.

Suez Canal Crisis - 1956 A.D.

Aedan wrote about the Suez Canal Crisis for his weekly narration.

Aedan's history project this week was to research different world religions. I'm thrilled that this will be a main part of our studies for next year in HOD World Geography.

He is also reading about different cultures in Bible study out of Windows on the World.

Aedan is enjoying the U.S. President study. He's great at remembering little tid bits about each person. This has been a great introductory study.

That's all for now! How was your week?


  1. Hi, Tara. I am a fellow HOD mama (working in CTC, Bigger, and Little Hands currently) - and my children and I *love* this curriculum. I would like to hear more about the Lightning Literature program that you started last year and have continued this year. Did you do DITHOR ever? What made you switch/choose LL? Thanks for your great posts. I hope you have a lovely afternoon!

    1. We did use and enjoy DITHOR for a few years with both boys. We enjoyed the book selections, and I do feel it taught them a lot. I love Lightning Lit from 7th on up. I love the book selections and how each book is used to illustrate some literary element that they then apply in writing. I keep meaning to write a post about what it's like and why we like it.


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