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Monday, January 16, 2017

We have had our share of cold days here in the midwest this year. These are my favorite days to get in the kitchen and make things to warm us up. Fortunately, our Raddish kit came with lots of great ideas on where to start. I knew these recipes were bound to please my picky eater, but I also loved that they included a salad. Each kit has given my little "Mikey" a chance to like something new.

These were the three recipes we got to try this month! It also came with a few bonus activities of which I failed to get a picture. We made hot chocolate mix and have Chocolate Peppermint bark ingredients still calling our name.

 The first recipes we decided to tackle were the Winter White Mac and Cheese and the Evergreen Salad.

Welll....The store I went to didn't happen to have white cheddar, so we subbed sharp cheddar instead. The instructions teach how to use a hand grater, but instead I showed Silas how to grate cheese in the food processor.

 Much faster by the way!

We learned to make cheddar cheese sauce, and also made a panko/parmesan bread crumb topping.

We put it all in the oven, and this heavenly and bubbly-cheesy goodness was the result.

 While all of that was in the oven we made this simple salad.

 First Silas cut the pear. I love that we get to try ingredients we don't normally put in our everyday salad.

Silas was super excited about trying a pomegranate. 

The Raddish recipe had a great tip I actually didn't know. In order to separate the seeds from the membrane you can submerge it in water. The membrane will float to the top. Ya learn something new every day!

 This was so much easier than picking off each little white piece.

 Next we made a really yummy white wine and poppy seed dressing.

This made for a great activity on a day we were iced in the house.

And if that wasn't already good enough....Snow Capped Cinnamon Rolls! Hello!

 Each monthly kit comes with a cooking tool. This time it came with a rolling pin.

Is your mouth watering? Mine was!

My normal recipe calls for the dough to rise before shaping it into rolls, but we followed the recipe.

Yes please!

These were absolutely delicious. The only problem with the recipe is that it didn't make (quite) enough for this gluten loving family. I subbed the icing with a Cinnabon cream cheese replica. Silas was the hero of this day for the record. I'm thinking his future wife and kids will thank me someday!

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I hope your family will enjoy these wonderful boxes as much as we do!


  1. Yum! All of those recipes look delicious, especially the cinnamon rolls and the Mac and cheese. I love the names of the recipes, too.

    1. The cinnamon rolls were definitely my favorite! Next month looks fun too :)

  2. The cinnamon rolls look amazing - gluten and all. :D

    1. They were sooo good! Silas requested that we make them again this week. I don't know how many of these pans I can make in good conscience!


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