Week in Review - HOD CtC - Unit 22

Friday, February 3, 2017

This week we finished up our study of Ancient Greece and journeyed to the birthplace of Ancient Rome. There is little I remember about history from school sadly, but I do remember Greece and Rome. I had a great middle school teacher that brought it to life for her students. I still remember the Greek alphabet song she taught us. I hope my boys will grab hold of some of the memories we have made through learning about the civilizations of the world. The more experiences the better in my opinion. I hope they will be able to look back and say they remember.

Our history project this week was to make a papyrus map of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World. As luck would have it I am reading a book by that title from Aedan's HOD World Geography books for next year. It's been really interesting to read about why these were considered wonders even back in ancient times.

First we cut up strips of a paper bag to replicate the reeds that the Egyptians would have used.

We mixed glue and water to make a paste and layered on each strip until we had a sheet of paper.

After it dried we rounded the edges.

Silas had fun adding in the different wonders. Of course they all look like Travelers.

I'm so glad I'm going through this guide the second time. I'm learning so much too!

I loved his little pictures. He said it's not as fun to draw on bumpy paper than smooth. First world problem.

This week his copywork was on the process of making papyrus.

This was the model he used for his papyrus map.

He also drew the Pharos Lighthouse by following instructions from Draw and Write Through History.

Ptolemy Rules Egypt (and later Assyria) - 323 B.C.

Seleucus Rules Persia/Syria

Antigonus Rules Macedonia/Greece

We read about the division of Alexander the Great's kingdom after his death.

Silas wrote about how early Roman families farmed their own land and sold goods to support themselves.

We started a new storytime book this week. I love these beautiful Stanley books!

Silas is getting near the end of reading about Alexander the Great. I love these kinds of books. He is geting a pretty great picture of what it was like in Ancient Greece through these kinds of books.

We are still enjoying A Child's Geography - Exploring the Holy Land. We also use SCM Visits to the Middle East once per week. Silas is getting awesome at mapping all the places in the middle east from memory.

Our poem this week was "In Hardwood Groves" by Robert frost. Our painting was supposed to represent a bird's eye view of a tree I actually thought his was way better. I love seeing how he is learning to manipulate watercolor.

We started the book Detectives in Togas. This is a super fun mystery book that takes place in Ancient Rome. He's really enjoying it!

In science we read about earthquakes and how they can affect water and create massive waves in the ocean.

Our experiment demonstrated the different kinds of waves earthquakes underground could make on the ocean's surface.

Our course Silas made a traveler riding those waves!

Are any of you in HOD Creation to Christ? What have been your favorite parts so far?


  1. I truly admire your homeschool! Your son has a really creative/artistic side that is super unique and awesome to see in a boy! My boys send me for loops in their unwillingness to do *ANYTHING* above and beyond a few sentences of written work per day... *sigh* Anyways, love this and I truly do still love HOD... I'm TEMPTED to return but I know it wouldn't work for my eldest. Maybe my daughter though... *hmmm

    1. Aww thank you! And for what it's worth I admire yours so much too :) I think boys in general don't love to physically write. This one in particular (can) write, but the physical act still is a chore for him - that is unless it's creative writing. HOD doesn't expect too much though at this age. The written narration is 5 sentences. We work together on an outline, and that has taken the fear out of it for him. This was the first year I was expecting written narrations. The one nice thing about HOd is that the growth is incremental each year, so they usually can handle the upswing of work. The creative parts are my favorite aspect of HOD for sure though. I missed that for them when we took a break from it. Thank you for your sweet compliments about his work :)


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