Week in Review - HOD CtC - Unit 24

Saturday, February 25, 2017

 Hello! Mighty fine seeing you here. We had a great week learning about the struggles between Rome and Carthage. It's been so fun doing this period again. I feel like it's finally sinking into my mind what was going on all those many years ago, and even then we are really only scratching the surface.

 Our history project was to play a game called "Go Trade." It's basically Go Fish but with items of trade ancient Mediterranean ports. We had items like silver from Spain, linen from Egypt, frankincense (I.love.frankincense!) from Arabia, wine from India, copper from Cyprus etc.

I love when we run into projects Silas's big brother made 3 years ago. It's saves us time, but also lets us enjoy the activity even more. Someone made a printable version of the game since Aedan made these. It's fun to see Aedan's old handwriting. Silas was laughing because he couldn't always tell what they said, but I think they look way better than my own adult penmanship.

 Both of my boys are very competitive! Silas was going for blood ha!

The winner had the most sets of three. In this game Aedan ultimately won. I love these kinds of activities because it teaches what was traded there in a way that is far more fun than filling out a worksheet. I love HOD!

While we were off last week we took the opportunity of homeschool discounts at Union Station in our city. We have a great science museum there, and there is always some kind of exhibit. Serendipitously there was a display called Pompeii: The Exhibition which had artifacts from that ancient city. One of the rooms had a display of all kinds of gladiator items.

It's chilling to know that these poor men had to fight in these terrible shows.

They unearthed many helmets from so long ago.
Because the city was covered in ash many of the items were still in tact. There were many beautiful mosaics to see.

We have been reading City for story time, and Silas was interested to see how this looked like some of the pictures in our book. We read about arches and keystones this week.

Oftentimes busts and statues from this period are damaged.

It was cool to see some of these faces come back to life from so long ago.

This one still had the remaining paint. Sometimes I forget that statues of marble or bronze were often painted like this.

This one reminded my boys of their cousin.

We saw theater masks and fountainheads.

There were also frescoes.

These statues were in such great condition that they almost seem like replicas. It's so rare to seen an un-weathered statue of this age. After this section the boys watched a timelapse video of the events of that terrible day. The next portion had body casts of the people found in the dig. They were so sad to see, so I won't display them here. It definitely brought to life how that was a real day with living people that experienced that tragedy.

Rome gains all of Italy - 266 B.C.

1st Punic War - Rome vs. Carthage - 264-241 B.C.

Silas read about how Carthage treated their citizens differently than Rome treated her citizens.

We read about the circus shaped harbor of Carthage.

Hannibal crosses Alps - 218-202 B.C.

We read about the long arduous march of Hannibal through the Alps. You have to give it to this man. He was tenacious.

Silas enjoyed drawing an Elephant in Hannibal's army. He much preferred drawing without having to use a ruler. Some of the drawings in Draw and Write Through History can be tough for a kid who has never had to follow instructions to draw. It's still great practice for him to follow the step by step details.

Our poem this week was Stopping by the Woods on a Snowing Evening by Robert Frost. It was fun to pull out this old Five in a Row book!

So, we need work on our trees, but it's always still fun. A friend of mine is a fabulous watercolor artist suggested that next time we lightly draw the trees first. Well, shiver me timbers! Why didn't we think of that? That would definitely have helped on this one.

We finished A Child's Geography this week. Our science is from the HOD Resurrection to Reformation year. Silas really wanted to learn earth/space science this year, and it's worked out really well. This has been a great introduction to the earth. I love Ann Voskamp, so it's fun to have her books in our school. I have the opportunity to hear her speak next week, and I'm really looking forward to it!

Silas learned about time zones. All in a Day is a great book to show how differently we experience the same time all over the world. Silas has been getting lucky these days. Sometimes we come across a project that his big brother already has made, and we opt to use that rather than make it. The activity is often the point, so it's nice to save time and learn without making it. We used Aedan's time zone clock to see what time it was in the other parts of the world when it's such and such time where we live.

He drew a picture of what kids in Beijing would be doing when we are having snack time.

I love seeing Silas's notebook pages each week. He has been doing such a nice job each week!


  1. I think straw blown trees would have been cool. :) Love the selection, of course! ;)

    1. That is a good idea! We haven't done straw paintings in a while.


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