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Friday, February 10, 2017

It's really hard to say what year has been my favorite.  Each year I say the newest year is my favorite, but then I remember why we loved a previous year so much. I have to say though that Missions to Modern Marvels is really fantastic. Not only are we learning the how and why history happened during this period, but we are also learning how it felt to be one of the people who experienced the heartbreaks of this time. What's even better is that we are also seeing how God's people were raised up and meeting the needs of the hurting during some of the darkest days of history. It gives me hope for our future that God will always remain involved. This week we learned about the Cold War and the "Iron Curtain" as Churchill called it. Even though a dark curtain had been drawn God was still bringing light to those nations that were being oppressed in so many ways.

Berlin Blockade and Airlift - June 28, 1948 - May 12, 1949

Korean War - 1950-1953 A.D.

We read about General MacArthur and how he was ultimately fired by Truman.

We mapped the Korean war and learned about the 38th parallel. One of my former pastors is an Army chaplain and guarded the DMZ border between these two countries. The hostility is still felt very strongly today.

One of the things we saw at the Harry Truman Presidential Library was a letter a father had written to Truman after the loss of his son to the Korean War. The father sent a blistering letter and his son's Korean War service medal.

Brother Andrew - Iron Curtain Bible Smuggler - 1957-1967 A.D.

We read about the "Bible Smuggler" Brother Andrew who smuggled Bibles past the iron curtain. The Christians there were so encouraged that God hadn't forgotten about them. I love Aedan's picture!

We mapped the various NATO countries and those who were part of the Warsaw Pact.

You can see why the communist countries were said to have been behind an Iron Curtain.

Aedan wrote about what was happening in Argentina in the lives of Juan and Evita Peron. We listened to a pod cast on what happened to Evita's body. Strange! She was basically Argentina's Diana.

She died of cancer at the young age of 33.

Our storytime book I Am David is a heartbreaker, but I have a feeling it will get better. It's about a boy who lived in a concentration camp his whole life until he has the chance of escape.

After switching to Fix It and back to Rod & Staff I am so happy. Sometimes you have to test new waters to appreciate the old ones. Aedan did really well on his grammar test, and makes me think we can make it through yet another year of our old tried and true R&S. Some of you Dr. Who fans might recognize Aedan's doodles.

We continue to absolutely love Lightning Lit. We started a new book this week. My Family and Other Animals is about the author's recollection of his childhood with his family on the Greek island of Corfu. The author ultimately became a naturalist and it shows how as a kid he adored and was fascinated by animals even then. The author reminds me of Aedan when he was that age. He was always bringing me some sort of specimen from the forest. We are looking forward to Lightning Lit next year as well!

Aedan also started a new science book. He's reading about the life of Albert Einstein. I'm so thankful that we have had the chance to read so many fantastic biographies. I read all of Aedan's science books this summer, so I'll be curious to know how he feels about Einstein after reading about him.

Normally Aedan will hand me his Nature Journal and say his work was just "ok." This was the first time he came to me and said "This time it's actually pretty good." I agree! Our poem this week was "I Wandered Lonely As a Cloud" by Wordsworth. It's about a sea of daffodils that caught the poet's eye and stayed in his imagination enough to be able to smile continually upon it later.


  1. Hi, I love the Iron curtain Illustration. Brother Andrew is a great book we read a couple of years ago. I can see that we might need to make a few substututions whenever there are books that we have read before. Is that something that would be simple to do?

    The kids are big fans of Dr. Who around here as well.

    I can see from your instagram picture that you plan to do Lightning Literature. I think LL has a writing component to it as well. Will you use the Essentials in writing alongside it? How about the BJP literature. would it be overkill to do that as well?

    Thank you for the time you take to answer my questions. When a curriculum is all laid out like HOD is. all the components are made to complement each other. Id appreciate your perspective on what it would look like with those changes.

    1. We didn't read a whole book on Brother Andrew, so you should be ok. He read about him in a few chapters of the book Hero Tales. We do plan to use EIW, R&S and LL. We will sub the WG lit plans with Lightning Lit. It would definitely be overkill to add LL on top of WG's plans. WG Lit plans are an excellent choice too, but things are going well with LL. I plan to stick with it for a while. I may use HOD's WH Lit plans the year after, but I'm not thinking that far yet :) It's fun to hear your kids like Doctor Who too! I'm so happy to help! I'm just figuring it out as much as you, so it's always fun to chat about it :)


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