Week in Review - HOD MtMM - Unit 24

Saturday, February 25, 2017

We enjoyed a nice school break, but this week we were back to the books. It was nice enjoying some time to relax and get caught up around the house. I think I could get used to the whole sabbath school idea. While we were still a little rusty getting back to work after a week off, I felt far more rested than I normally do after waiting to take a break until I'm exhausted. I think the boys felt the same.

I shared earlier how Aedan has the opportunity to be a part of an art program with our local museum. As part of that he got to preview the newest installation by Rashid Johnson at the Kemper Museum of Modern Art. The artist did a presentation for the kids, and they got to tour his works with an explanation from one of the curators. Soon they will get to have an art show at the museum displaying their work. I'm so thankful he has had this experience!

Operation Auca - 5 Missionaries Killed - January 8, 1956

This week in history we learned about the missionaries that were tragically killed in Ecuador. While Aedan's timeline doesn't convey the empathy it probably should he actually thought it was a really incredible story. I am challenged by the forgiveness that their loved ones showed by going back and risking their lives in order to learn the language and translate the Bible. We plan to watch the End of the Spear this week.

We read about how Nate Saint flew an airplane over the Auca villages and dropped gifts to the native people. They in turn sent a gift of feathers and a parrot in return.

Every other week Aedan does an oral narration that I type. We learned after a while that he did a far better job if he took notes on a note card. It has gone way better at first. This is a great skill we have worked on all year that I probably wouldn't have done on my own.

Belgian Congo Gains Independence - 1960 A.D.

Apparently Aedan wasn't inspired on this timeline picture!

We read about Patrice Lumumba who was the first prime minister of the Congo. He was later murdered by rebels. Aedan read his speech after the Congo gained independence for Worthy Words this week.

Betty Greene - Missionary Aviation Fellowship - 1946-1997 A.D.

We read about Betty Greene who was a missionary pilot. She carried supplies all over the world. I had never read about this courageous woman before. We read more about here here. I absolutely love how we have read about so many men and women of God this year!

 Betty Greene flew in aid to many countries including Mexico, Peru, Africa and Indonesia. Aedan drew a jaguar because they could be found in some of the places to which that Betty Green brought supplies.

Aedan read about  all the changes that were happening in the 50's including the baby boomers hence the pile of chubby babies.

We are steadily moving through time and moving toward today in learning about each president. This has been a great intro to the lives of our presidents.

This week Aedan studied sunsets for nature study.

Our poem of the week was A Prairie Sunset by Whitman.

Aedan is loving our Lightning Lit book. He actually smiles when telling me about it, so I think he's really enjoying the book. He's such a lover of animals that this is a great book for him.

We got almost got all the way to the end of I Am David. We only have one chapter left to read next week where I hope we get good news. This is a really interesting book, heartbreaking at times, but it has really made us think.

I pulled out Jump In from last year. I had set it aside last year to do a few units out of IEW. He has made so much progress this year. I think I've also relaxed my expectations after listening to many hours of Julie from Brave Writer teach on writing. That's all for now. See you next week!


  1. "Time stays long enough for anyone who will use it." ♥♥ Love the sunsets!

    1. Thank you! I loved that quote too :)


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