Week in Review - HOD CtC - Unit 25

Monday, March 6, 2017

It's interesting sometimes swinging from modern history to ancient history, but somehow it's working. This week I learned about the Civil Rights movement in the U.S. with Aedan and about Rome's defeat of Carthage in ancient times. I've done history a little differently this time with Silas. We have been reading history together, and it seems like we both enjoy it so much more. He was handling it fine on his own, but he's still my cuddly fellow. We are really enjoying learning together. What's great is that you can do one or the other depending on time or ability.

The Roman army used catapults in battle. Our history project was to make a few different types of catapults. We already had one from when we did a unit study on Leonardo DaVinci last year.
Of course we had to do a few slo-mo videos! The first one worked pretty well. He launched his little Luigi.

This pencil catapult wasn't super easy to make, but it worked ok too!

I think Da Vinci's design was of course the best!

Scipio Africanus Marches on Carthage - 204 B.C.

Scipio defeats Hannibal at Zama - 202 - B.C.

Third Punic War - Carthage Destroyed by Scipio Aemilianus 149-146 B.C.

Silas wrote about Hannibal's defeat. Yes that's a head (Hannibal's brother), but Silas reassured me there was no blood. Sigh. My sensitive kid will have to read about a lot of crazy things in the middle ages.

We read about Triumphs in Rome where generals requested an elaborate parade for their victories.

We mapped Hannibal's route to Rome.

This week we finished City. It was a great picture of what it took to plan an ancient city in Rome. We also have this neat little pop out book.

It has a little section for many areas of city life.

It's pretty neat to see all the areas in one place.

A watercolor artist friend of mine recommended these fun little paints.

I told her we had been getting too heavy handed with tube paint, and that's why she recommended these.
Our poem this week was "The Door in the Dark" by Robert Frost. We painted a night sky to go with the poem. It was easier to control the cake paint. I would love to collect a few more of those palettes.

We are working on a descriptive paragraph of a character this week. We pulled out one of our Lightning Lit books as an example, and I realized there is a reason some books are called classics! Sometimes Rod and Staff has writing assignments too. He also wrote instructions on how to take care of a cat.

We are using Brave Writer's The Arrow guide for Green Ember. So far Silas is enjoying this book.

This week we have been reading a book about Galileo. He challenged the thought that the sun revolved around the earth.

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  1. What a great week! Love the catapults, and I've been wanting to read Green Ember. Looking into those cake watercolors too. :)


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