Week in Review - HOD CtC Unit 26

Monday, March 13, 2017

This year we have the joy of doing the same history program as dear friends. This means that we sometimes get to combine activities. We are currently studying the rise and fall of ancient Rome. We read about how the Romans were initially farmers, but eventually began to live more for pleasure, luxury and entertainment. Our history activity was to have a Roman feast to show what it might have been like. Our friends are 3 weeks ahead of us, but they still wanted to do the Roman meal together. These activities are always way more fun with friends!

We skipped lunch and decided to have the feast in the afternoon. The boys were all very excited about all the great food!

Oooh la la!

Silas made a menu of all of our dishes we would be serving.

I'm pretty sure the Romans would have not had wrinkled tablecloths, but it still looked pretty.

Time to dig in! Aedan was here too. He rarely misses a food occasion.

The HOD guide had 2 recipes. One was for Roman cheesecake. Ancient Roman cheesecake isn't like cheesecake today. It has flour, ricotta and egg. My husband liked it. He said it was like a dense, wet, chocolate chip cookie if that sounds appetizing to you. I ended up making this recipe with chocolate (which is more of a new world food.) Everything is better with chocolate right?

After you stir the dough, you will form it into small, bun shapes.

After they are baked they should be slightly golden.

Aaaaand then you drown them in honey like a good Roman would. We also made Roman custard. The first time I made it a few years ago it had a strange texture. I made sure to whisk it extra long this time and strained it before I poured it into the pan. It worked much better this time.

Our book Roman News gave a great picture of how the Romans lounged around and ate. I can't imagine it's good for your digestion or your back to eat lying down like this.

Silas's copywork was about the luxury of the Roman table. The servant is pouring flower water on the lazy diner.

Rome Conquers Corinth and Greece - 146 B.C.

Rome Conquers Spain - 133 B.C.

Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus are Tribunes in Rome - 133-121 B.C.

Silas's picture is a reference to the BBC show Merlin. There is a character in the show named Gaius.

Silas wrote about the Gracchus Brothers for his narration. I was struck by the decline of Roman culture and how it sounded very eerily like our own from the days of patriotic farmers to those who choose luxury and leisure over good old fashioned hard work. It ultimately was a major piece to why they fell.

We read about the Gladiator fights and chariot races in the Circus Maximus in Rome. Silas followed the directions in Draw and Write Through History to draw his (Traveler) racer.

We read about Epicurus and how he felt that man's pleasure was the ultimate goal in life. That didn't work out so well for the Romans.

We started a new read aloud. Traveling the Way is a book about a gentile slave boy in Rome who finds himself being cared for by a family of Jews. The story takes place during the time of Paul after the crucifixion of Christ, so we get to hear about how the Christians were being persecuted. This is a great little book!

Silas finished his character paragraph. He chose to write about his character the Red Traveler. I love that he has had fun all year including this character in all of his pictures. We will look back and smile at these in years to come.

Silas is enjoying reading about Galileo. He is also reading a book about Weather.

Each week he does a notebook page, a written narration and/or vocabulary, and an experiment. Our experiment this week was to learn about the gravitational pull of the moon and how it affects the earth's tides. Thanks for visiting! Tell me about your week :)


  1. Having friends doing the same year sounds like lots of fun.

    1. It really is! I wish we had even more. We could have fun parties :)


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