Week in Review - HOD MtMM - Unit 25

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Don't you love when what you are reading in a book dovetails with another area of your life? While we learned about Civil Rights in school I was finishing up Uncle Tom's Cabin and To Kill a Mockingbird. Having read those books helped me to more clearly communicate to Aedan the dire need for brave souls to step up and make a way for African Americans during the 60's and into the future.

I was moved by the stories this week. I often ask myself if I had lived during this time if I would have been one who would have been brave too.

In the 50's convenience foods became popular, and casseroles took center stage on American tables. For our project this week we were supposed to make a casserole. I did some searching and found that Company Casserole was among the most popular. It was basically like pre-historic lasagna before the Italian grandma's of the world shared their more delicious secret recipes. It was actually good, but my family is spoiled with my lasagna. Still, I always love making the real thing to experience a time and place.

Corn casserole was also a favorite of the time. I still see this dish show up at holiday meals. Someone is always bound to bring it. I think this is the first time I actually made it though.

The Second Red Scare - 1947-1957. 
Apparently Doge (if you haven't heard of this famous little dog meme) was the first dog in space.

Montgomery Bus Boycott - December 1, 1955 - December 1956.

I didn't realize that Rosa Parks wasn't actually the first person to protest getting out of her seat. There were several others who were arrested, but the NAACP was waiting for a person of character that could stand well in court.

Our storytime book is Freedom Walkers. It tells of the events leading up to the Montgomery Bus. We have only gotten to Rosa Parks so far. This book is really interesting!

John Perkins - Reconciliation in the South - 1962-1982 and 1998-Present

We read about John Perkins who grew up in the south and returned there to bring hope and reconciliation to that part of the country.

I have loved for Aedan to read the true words of those who experienced the period we are studying this year. He read a speech by Pearl Buck who wasn't allowed to speak at a graduation because he was African American. Instead he wrote the graduates a letter.

Nothing speaks to the condition of a human soul or heart than poetry. I found last year and this year's poetry to be especially moving in giving flesh and bones to those who suffered so many injustices.

I feel like you can learn far more from a verse of poetry than through volumes of textbooks.

Aedan also read about the different modern church movements.

Aedan realized that he already knew quite a bit about Truman when he got to him this week. After studying WWII and visiting the Truman Library he has a great understanding of this man's impact on history.

Awww...Math U See. I still love you. We are finally caught up in math. I mean, I really think angels are singing. After many years of struggling to find the right thing, we are sticking with it. Last year we accelerated through MUS Epsilon and Zeta. It's so nice slowing down and doing it at Aedan's pace. It's teaching me so much too! I listen a lot to Julie from Brave Writer. She gives us permission to whine about math sometimes, so now it's me and not Aedan. He likes for me to sit with him in case he has issues, but sometimes I just am silly and say" I don't wanna!" He laughs when I get like that. I'm just so thankful we like each other at the end of every math lesson now. For me that's a glorious win. That's all for now!

How are things going for you? What math program do you love for your kids?


  1. Love how history comes alive in your homeschool. ❤️ Interesting about the company casserole, too!

  2. Last fall we went to the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn and got to sit in the actual Rosa Parks bus. That experience made the readings from this book even more real to us.


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