Week in Review - HOD CtC Unit 27

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

We are happily moving forward here at Monarch Room. It took a few days to adjust to Daylight Savings Time, but the longer days and sun have helped perk us up after a long winter. Hopefully we won't regret taking more breaks and ending a little later this year. The extra breaks have really helped us relax more and enjoy catching up on life outside of school.

 In history this week we learned about Roman soldiers and what they wore. We found a printable Roman soldier paper doll to talk about all the different pieces of equipment.

Our notebook pages explained the purpose of each item.

Civil War in Rome (Marius vs. Sulla) 107-109 B.C.

Spartacus Leads Slave Revolt - 79-73 B.C.

Julius Caesar is Slain - 44 B.C.

This week we read about Julius Caesar's unfortunate end.

We also learned about what ultimately led to the end of the Roman empire and the Kingdom that would come after that would not have an end.

We are enjoying our read aloud Traveling the Way. This is a Rod & Staff reader. It gives a great picture of what life was like for the persecuted church in Paul's time.

Melissa over at Grace Filled Homeschooling sold me on Writing Strands. I really like how gently it approaches writing. It's been a perfect spring writing program. Silas is enjoying how it is written to him.

Silas finished his science book about Galileo and added some of his quotes to his notebook page.

We started a new book about Isaac Newton. One thing I absolutely love about HOD science is all of the wonderful biographies we will read about scientists and inventors. My boys can remember the main events of many scientists because of it. Aedan still calls himself my Edison when he isn't showing his smarts just yet :) All that potential was wrapped up in that brilliant little boy Edison, and only his mom saw it.

We have been cheating a lot in science. Silas always sat in on Aedan's experiments through the years. If he remembers it we will often watch a Brain Pop Video instead. We really love these short and informative videos. We can almost always find the topic we are learning about in history and science. There is a short quiz after too which is nice as well.

Silas still illustrates his experiment pages even if we didn't do the experiment. That's all for this week. See you soon!

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  1. My two oldest kids will be reading some of The Sower's biographies next week! They look fantastic, but we haven't read any of them yet. I enjoyed learning how the armor of God correlates with the Roman soldier's armor. It brought a new meaning to the scriptures for me.

    1. The Sowers books are awesome! We have read a few throughout the years :) I agree about the armour of God! I remember reading something about that too.


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