Week in Review - HOD MtMM Unit 27

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Welcome to the 60's! This week we learned about The Cuban Missile Crisis, the Space Race, and the presidency and assassination of John F. Kennedy. We had the opportunity to chat with my inlaws about their experiences and what they remember from the 60's. They grew up in D.C and Alabama and then went to college in Florida. Many of the events we have read about these past few weeks happened in their own back yards. The Cuban Missile Crisis happened while they were students in Florida. They said it was a frightening time, and I can see why! The one great regret I have is not having asked my grandparents more questions about their lives. I didn't know I would be such a lover of history when they were still around. Go talk to your elders while yous till can.

 Aedan drew a beautiful picture of Apollo 11 from Draw and Write Through History. JFK pledged that he would put a man on the moon. He didn't get to see that incredible day because his life was tragically cut short. We read about how televisions around the world tuned in to see that first step of man on the moon.

I haven't written much about the spines we have been reading through this year, but we are really enjoying all of them. Each one is very readable and easy to understand.

Cuban Missile Crisis - October 1962 A.D.

We looked at a map of the range of nuclear weapons that the Soviets were being brought into Cuba during the early 60's. I can see why everyone was so scared of nuclear war.

We mapped the various locations of U.S. occupied in Cuba and just how close they are to American soil.

President Kennedy is Assassinated - November 22, 1963

My boys are Marvel fans. I'm pretty sure Magneto isn't responsible for the assassination of JFK!

Aedan wrote about JFK's presidency and added a few other things that happened in the 60's (Si Robertson in Vietnam and Doctor Who.)

Our President of the week was John F. Kennedy. I seriously have no idea how Carrie from HOD times everything to come together perfectly every week.

I love how many great speeches we have gotten the chance to listen to and read each week.

This week we listened to several JFK speeches.

This is JFK's inauguration speech.

We also listened to a speech he gave in Germany in Berlin where he addressed communism and the Berlin Wall.

Apollo 11 Mission Lands on Moon - July 20, 1969 A.D.

This is a totally random Doctor Who reference to when one of the villains in the show was on the moon. The episode even referenced the moon germs that everyone was so afraid the astronauts would bring back to earth. The show does actually have quite a few historical references that my boys wouldn't get if they didn't know as much as they do about history.

This is a manual for the Apollo 11 mission.

We started a new storytime book. Team Moon is the story about the 400,000 people responsible for making the moon landing possible. The mission encountered many obstacles and had to be tested and tested (and tested) in order to be a successful and safe mission for the astronauts.

We also read in Rescue and Redeem about the life of C.S. Lewis. We really how this book approaches these figures in history in a short biographical way. We got to listen to some of the few remaining audio clips of C.S. Lewis. It was neat hearing the voice of a man I have read for so many years.

Aedan studied rocks and farm animals for his Nature Drawing & Journal. Our poem this week was "Written in March" by Wordsworth. It was the perfect poem to read in the first days of spring.

We just started a new science kit last week. This week our experiment was to extract the DNA of a tomato.

Doesn't look like this is a recipe for disaster? Silas asked, "What kind of salad are you making mom!?"

First we had to cut the tomato up, and then we added a salt and soap mixture.

Then we mixed up the mixture.

We added it to our food processor and whipped it up.

Next we were supposed to strain the mixture through a filter, but we realized we had far too many bubbles.

After the tomato, soap, and salt mixture settled we were able to get a more watery fluid to try and filter again.

It took a while for the liquid mixture to filter through.

Next we added the denatured alcohol. We had put it in the freezer over night to cool it.

The cooled alcohol wash was supposed separate the DNA from the mixture. We saw some of the cloudy crystals we were supposed to see at first.

We were supposed to mix it carefully. I don't think we got exactly what we were supposed to get. When I looked at other images of the same experiment it wasn't what we were looking for. Such is science...a series of trial and error. Both boys are enjoying the Evolution science book and videos nevertheless.

Aedan finished My Animal and Other Friends and is now working through the workbook on a lesson in humor. Next week he will work on writing a paper.

We are both enjoying this bible study by Hewitt Homeschooling. Each week we map the different countries and what they believe. We pray each day for the people of the world together. It will be a great introduction to what we will be doing in world geography and cultures next year in high school.

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  1. As always, I love Aeden's pictures. He is quite the artist, and Silas is becoming one, too. The Lightning Lit and Hewitt Homeschooling Bible study look fabulous. I love all of the great books HOD has scheduled!

    1. They both make me laugh every week with their pictures! The HH bible study has been really good. I'm glad we tried something new this year :)


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