Week in Review - HOD MtMM Unit 28

Monday, March 27, 2017

This is our final year in a full 4 year history cycle. As we get nearer and nearer to current history I realize how little has changed. Even as far back as the history we are studying in Ancient Rome, there are so many similarities. Humankind has had many heroes and many villains throughout all time. The have always been meaningless wars, and until Jesus comes again there may always be. As my boys get older and we read about the drafts of various wars I long for peace in the world. I don't know how I could have faced some of these historical days without the Christian hope.

This week in history we learned about the presidents that came after the assassination of Kennedy and the war in Vietnam.

U.S. Troops - Vietnam War - 1965-1973 A.D.

My dad was drafted into the U.S. Navy at 24 in 1969 and served for 2 1/2 years. He wasn't drafted at first because he is a sleepwalker. He didn't ultimately have to go to war because he was the sole carrier of the family name. If he had to go to war I very well not be walking the earth. It's crazy to think how the course of history can change a whole family line.

Aedan is enjoying our new desk area, but I'll share about that more later. It's amazing how a little change of scenery and natural light can inspire creativity. Here he is working on mapping the Vietnam War.

I have loved reading chronologically through history. Why we ended up in the Vietnam war makes more sense no matter how meaninglessly tragic ultimately was. The Americans were so afraid of communism that they would do anything to prevent it spreading any further.

Every once in a while we pull up a Brain Pop video. These are great little reviews.

We learned how unpopular the Vietnam War was throughout the world. This is a British anti-war poster.

Laos and Vietnam  Fall Under Communist Rule - 1975, Cambodia 1978

We mapped the countries that were formerly French Indochina who fell under communist rule.

Richard Nixon Resigns the Presidency - August 9, 1974

We read about Nixon's presidency and how he resigned after the Watergate Scandal.

We listened to Dan Rather's commentary about the JFK assassination. I have seen the video before, but with the commentary it was so much worse. We were just supposed to listen to the commentary. I watched the video on my own. I was heart-sick for the rest of the afternoon. I ended up watching the movie Jackie which was interesting and quite sad. I had a lot of thoughts about all of that after thinking about it for a while. It's been a neat opportunity to take my own rabbit trails.

Aedan copied the words that are on JFK's tombstone.

We started a new read aloud. Children of the Storm is about true story of Natasha Vins that was part of the persecuted church of the Soviet Union during this period.

We read about Lyndon B. Johnson taking over the presidency after JFK was assassinated.

Aedan drew farm animals for nature study.
 Both boys are enjoying the Evolution study. This week Aedan learned about genes. He was supposed to make a list of what traits he thought he got from his parents, and like a very typical teenager thought he had none. Ha! We shall see.
We have one more week of school before we will take another break. Hopefully I won't regret this sabbath school thing (6 weeks on and one week off) come May, but for now it's been lovely to take breaks before we are too exhausted and grumpy to enjoy the time off. See you next week!
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  1. I'm loving your week in review posts. Thank you so much for taking the time to share them! ;) I have a quick, silly question.....when you share pics of the books you're reading, there are always two tabs in them...why is that? Lol! I'm a school supplies nerd so these things intrigue me! 😉

    1. Thanks so much for visiting! Haha! I'm glad to have found a fellow office supply lover. There are two tabs because those are start to finish marks on what to read :)


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