Week in Review - HOD CtC Unit 30

Monday, April 17, 2017

As I said in Aedan's post, we are doing our very best to finish strong. These last few weeks have been going well, but I also am looking forward to a break. In year's past we have rushed to the finish line, but I decided this year that we should just take the days as they come. There are plenty of summer days to go around without having to make ourselves miserable to get there.

We are continuing our study of the life of Jesus thought the book of John. I have loved reading this book of the Bible each day with Silas. What precious days to have the opportunity and freedom to teach my own kids of our savior's great love for us. This week's history project was a fun one. We made a mezuzah case. The Jews would adhere a mezuzah case to their doorpost to dedicate their home to the Lord. Silas copied the mezuzah on parchment. His handwriting has improved by leaps and bounds this year. To be honest, both of my boys have better handwriting than I do!

The HOD guide has instructions to make an air dry clay case, but this time I purchased a wooden one here.

We marked the outside and wrapped it in parchment paper.

Then you roll it up and fit it inside the case.

You are supposed to nail it to the outside of the door frame with it pointing slightly in.

This little video explained how to add your mezuzah to your door frame.

Tiberius Caesar is Emperor of Rome - 14-37 A.D.

We started reading The Bronze Bow for storytime. Another story is scheduled, but I adore Elizabeth George Speare. This book is an extension in HOD Preparing, but I saved it for the end of this year. It fits in perfectly with the period we are in. It even mentioned Tiberius Caesar at the beginning of the book. I look forward to seeing how the character is transformed by the end of the book.

Jesus' Ministry - 26/27-30 A.D.

This week we read one of my favorite stories in the bible about Mary anointing Jesus with the oil of spikenard. This story touched me early on in my walk with Christ. When I first learned about essential oils I couldn't wait to smell the oil with which Mary anointed Jesus. Victor Journey Through the Bible gave us a little more information.

These kind of tactile/sensory things help so much to bring the story to life. Spikenard was very costly. I figured out if I purchased a liter of this spikenard at the cost I paid for it it would have been over $9000 of oil.

Silas copied the story of Lazarus being raised from the dead.

He wrote about the last supper and how Judas betrayed Jesus.

This was a fitting scripture to copy on Easter week.

Silas enjoyed the audio story of Ben Hur.

Our poem this week was "The Runaway" by Robert Frost. We were supposed to splatter white paing to look like snow, but our brushes had too much water. Even so, I thought these were fun to paint. Only 3 paintings to go!

Silas finished his biography of Isaac Newton.

We started reading a new science book Exploring Planet Earth. I love how Tiner writes in a way that is understandable and enjoyable. Silas is still enjoying reading Weather and Water as well. He asks to watch Brain Pop videos on many of the topics. He was sad that there wasn't one about Marco Polo.

He is loving reading Flora & Ulysses. This year we have taken a pretty relaxed approach to literature. I usually put a stack of books in front of him and let him choose. All of them have been winners this year.

What literature books have you enjoyed the most this year?

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