Week in Review - HOD MtMM Unit 29

Monday, April 10, 2017

This week we learned more about the Civil Rights Movement, The Six-Day War, and the OPEC Oil Embargo. We have had more and more interesting conversations around the dinner table because my husband has always loved to talk about history, but now my kids have the context.

We learned more about Martin Luther King Jr.'s impact on civil rights.
The Civil Rights Act 1964 A.D. - The Voting Rights Act 1965 A.D.

Aedan chose to write about segregation and voting laws. Yes, that is MLK having a dream. Clever boy.

We also read a speech by Cesar Chavez who wanted rights for migrant farm workers.

The Six-Day War - 1967 A.D.

We observed how the boundary lines of the Middle East have changed over the years.

Aedan mapped how those boundaries changed after the Six-Day war.

OPEC Oil Embargo - Oct. 1973 - March 1974

My parents had a green VW Bug back when this was going on. Now it makes sense why.

We read about the cause of Stagflation.

My kids love when our history projects are to eat junk food. We read about different companies that opened during the 60's and 70's, and Domino's Pizza was one of them. My kids celebrated the pizza, and I took the night off from cooking.

Aedan finished up what he learned about Richard Nixon.

He also completed his study of Gerald Ford.

We are still moving steadily along in English, science and math. I think I may accelerate some of our extra subjects, so when we get to the final weeks of school they feel pretty light. We shall see. Only 6 weeks left!

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