Week in Review - HOD MtMM Unit 30

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

We have entered the final stretch of school. I feel like that we are on that last 45 minutes left on a really long road trip back home. There is so much to look back on for which to be thankful, but there's no place like home. The boys are still doing a great job at doing their best, but all of us feel the call of the lazy days of summer.

This week we read about the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert Kennedy, Festo Kivengere of Uganda, and life during the 60's and 70's in America. Aedan drew a picture of Dr. King from Draw and Write Through History.

Martin Luther King Jr. Is Assassinated - April 4, 1968

We read about the March on Washington and the civil rights that African-Americans were fighting for during this period.

We listened to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech. Chills.

Robert F. Kennedy Is Assassinated - June 6, 1968

We read about the unfortunate assassinations of both Robert Kennedy and MLK Jr.

Festo Kivengere - Bishop in Uganda - 1919-1988 A.D.

We read about Festo Kivengere who was an Anglican bishop in Uganda. Reading through the missionary stories this year have been really inspiring and challenging.

We read a speech by Frank James who was a Wampanoag Native American. Native Americans were also taking a stand for their civil rights during this period.

Aedan wrote about President Jimmy Carter.

These are the last few nature journal entries.

Our poem this week was "A Psalm of Life."

We have been reading Children of the Storm these past few weeks for storytime. This book is about the persecuted church in communist Soviet Union in the 70's. The brave Christians during that time and place have me questioning what I would be made of under similar circumstances.

Aedan is really enjoying To Kill a Mockingbird. At first he wasn't sure, but the plot has sucked him in. I read it again about a month ago, and knew he would like it if he gave it a chance.

Thanks so much for stopping by! How are you doing making it to the end of your school year?

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