Week in Review - HOD CtC Unit 34

Saturday, May 13, 2017

We are almost to the very end of the end here at Monarch Room! This week we wrapped up our classes at co-op. Silas took a pottery wheel class. Additionally, he took a class called Money Town. We have a local program in town called Exchange City that I remember doing when I was in 5th grade. It is basically a day where kids get the opportunity to have grown up jobs. There was a bank, many different kinds of shops, restaurants, etc. I was a jewelry designer way back when on that day. Our co-op decided to base an 8 week class on that model. Silas had so much fun!

Our co-op was a neat experience because they got to create their own business from the ground up. He decided to open a restaurant called Charred Meat N' Stuff.

We of course had to have a uniform! Silas helped me design how he wanted his logo to look. It gave him an opportunity to work with fonts, to learn to find images, and how to place them within the program. We used iron on transfer paper to make our shirt. We were going to also place the design on the hat, but apparently there is transfer paper for dark and light fabric, and our design didn't work on the black hat.

We also made a sign to hang in our shop. PDFs can be printed on multiple pieces of paper, and you can make it as large as you want.

Here are our restauranteurs!

Silas had to apply for a loan, purchase supplies, and pay for advertising.

Friends of ours shared some meat from a company that they work for, and it was Silas's idea to use it for his sandwich shop.

We made a menu with prices. The kids weren't using real money. They all had a personal budget for $100 to spend on whatever they wanted. Each had a credit card and a check register to deduct their purchases. Our shop was a great one for those who forgot to bring their lunch that day.

Silas made ads to distribute throughout the church we were in that day. No Return Policy! Giggle. It was such a fun day. They learned so much in this class!

He made one of the prettiest bowls on the table in his pottery class, and he also made a Wario pencil holder. Silas has been obsessed with all things Mario for as long as I can remember.

We had a great week in school too! We learned about the many travels of Paul the apostle. These final few weeks of school have been lighter has we have finished off a program here and there over the past month.

Paul's First Missionary Journey with Barnabus - 46-48 A.D.

Paul's Second Missionary Journey with Silas (my boy's namesake) - 50-52

Paul's Third Missionary Journey to Ephesus - 53-57 A.D.

We mapped the long and dangerous journeys of Paul.

Silas copied the portion of scripture about Paul and Silas in prison. It's always fun reading about Silas in the Bible with my Silas.

He wrote his written narration about a young man who fell asleep and fell from a 3rd story window and died because Paul was preaching too long!

Silas drew a gladiator (like a traveler!) from Draw and Write Through History. These aren't his favorite projects, but he likes them when I let them do them in his own way.

He copied information on gladiators in his notebook to go with his picture.

That's all for now. Only one more week to share!

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