My name is Tara. The first thing you probably need to know about me is that I never, ever thought I'd be a homeschool mom. Funny how life throws us a few curve balls right? It turns out I had been looking for my dream job my whole life, and it just landed in my lap one day. I never thought I would have so much fun with my kids, but here we are in our 7th year of homeschool. For me, there's no looking back.

 Jesus is my first love, and boy, oh boy do I love my family! I've had every hobby you could ever imagine. My husband calls them my hobsessions. I've cross-stitched, learned to saponify soap, painted, scrapbooked, and re-finished thrift shop found furniture. First I decided I'd learn all the ins and outs of French cooking, but then decided that I should ditch dairy and meat for an all-vegan cooking extravaganza. I'd be embarrassed to tell you how many things I've tried, but I can tell you I had fun every second tackling it all. 

I'm a maker (and a learner) in other words. I love creative people and tend to surround myself with those who inspire me. I so enjoy being around people who are different from me, and from whom I can learn something I'd never have the chance to learn otherwise. I've always felt a little different (weird you might say.) Now I look at myself as unique, a soul who never really fit in a one-size-fits-all box. I never thought I'd find so many kindred spirits as I did when I began my homeschool journey. I've found that the homeschool community is full of makers, DIYers, learners, and explorers. Yeah, we're a quirky bunch, but so what! I'll take quirky over conventional any day of the week. 

This is Nate. He is my own personal Hemingway. He can write like Sandburg and has been known to gift me with poetry when he knew chocolate and flowers would never do. He is what they call a man of few words. In our early days of marriage I didn't understand what a strength that was. He's one of those guys that when he does talk people listen because what he says is wise. He is my supporter and biggest fan. He tells me I can do pretty much anything I set my heart to do. I, of course, believe the same about him.

Silas is my cuddle bug. He's always been one to offer a sweet compliment, or a kiss. And his laugh? If I could bottle it you would pay me a million bucks to hear it. Nothing on earth is better than a child's deep belly laughter, but this kid wins the prize. When I ran a little sewing business, my little guy was my sidekick. He would sit behind me driving his Thomas trains over my back just to keep close. He's a rescuer, and has been known to buy one-eyed teddy bears from the thrift store just because he knew they would be lonely otherwise. This one will probably adopt a drove of beautiful foster children someday. You couldn't make a heart so sweet. Only God can do that.

And Aedan. What to say about this one? Well, this is the child that inspired this homeschool journey to begin with. He's unique too, but man he's cool. He's a walking encyclopedia. Passionate as a Midwest thunderstorm, but as generous as the widow with only two mites. This kid blows me away with his creativity.every.single.day. He's a lover of nature and of science. He wants to be an artist when he grows up (well, he already is), but he wants to marry a zoo keeper. He says this is the best of both worlds.

So here we are, and you have come to join us on this journey. I hope you find help here and support to get through a day or two that may be tough. No one ever said parenting or homeschool for that matter would be easy. Know that someone out there in the world is taking this one day at a time with you. 

I love to hear from folks. It is a passion and hope that those who never thought they could homeschool would believe they could. Can I help you in any way, or do you have a question? Please feel free to message me HERE. I adore hearing from you.
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