I plan to share many of the things I make along the way. I know how thankful I am for all the work many other homeschoolers did that have benefited me immensely. I am so happy to share my work with those in the homeschool community. I kindly ask you not to alter my files. If you share them please link back to my blog posts where you find the files. I really appreciate your consideration in this area.

Heart of Dakota Resurrection to Reformation Science Notebook Pages

Beautiful Feet Early American & World History Notebook and Timeline Pages

Veritas Press Omnibus I Notebook Pages

Ancient History Timeline Figures that go with to Heart of Dakota Creation to Christ

Modern American & World Timeline Figures for Heart of Dakota Missions to Modern Marvels.

  Early American History Timeline Figures to go with Heart of Dakota Bigger Hearts for His Glory.

Godly Character Cards. 34 printable cards that correlate with HOD's BHFHG units. I laminated these cards to make them more durable. Each unit includes a Proverbs memory verse.

 DITHOR - Godly Character Cards & Wall Art Project 

 Heart of Dakota Bigger Hearts Check-Boxes. Choose from two daily, or one monthly format.

 I Need a Little Help Cards.
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